What you need to know about data integration tools

October 13, 2021 0 Comments

Let’s dig deeper to discover a brief history of the data. Our world began to digitize data in the 20th century. The process began with the transactional data used in Accounting, where the information is organized in an orderly fashion in rows and columns. Today, decades later, we are digitizing every piece of information and sharing it across the company, personal connections, and partners. So the question is, ‘In what format is this unstructured data present?’ Well, the enormous amount of business information is present in the form of texts, documents, emails, presentations, graphics, audio, video, web pages … the list goes on. In short, it just doesn’t fall into the conditions defined by the relational data model. Now unstructured data cannot be ignored because it is often the important storehouse of information that can be used to make important business decisions. So do we have tools to explore unstructured data?

We have some powerful types of search and data management tools to help us make sense of unstructured data. Text search tools such as SOLR, Elastic Search, Amazon CloudSearch, and 3RDi Search are some examples that help organize amorphous text data so common in today’s businesses. These tools are equipped with a number of powerful text mining features designed for faster and more accurate analysis of unstructured data. Let’s take a quick tour of the tools at a high level. Let’s take a quick tour of the tools at a high level.

Solr and Elastic Search are both based on Lucene which provides advanced search capabilities and the ability to grow as needed. These are open source licenses. Solr’s indexing with advanced preprocessing support includes tokenization as well as query support function, along with spell checking and highlighting. Efficiently search subsets of documents while implementing full search and faceted search. Elastic Search stores documents in JSON format and the text fields are indexed. This does not require specifying the schema before uploading the documents, as it detects the document structure of the JSON documents directly. Support services and plug-in development are available for SOLR and Elastic Search.

Amazon cloud-based search is a managed service from AWS. Search services can configure the AWS Management Console. Searchable documents can be managed as a guide to common settings.

3RDi Search, the technological innovation of The Digital Group, spells the launch of an entirely new growth of rich possibilities in the data-centric world. It is an open source infrastructure and truly a comprehensive solution for all search and associated needs. It supports all major semantic enrichment frameworks and provides the full spectrum of domain expertise across most domains, verticals and locals.

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