Ways to send Internet faxes anonymously

June 12, 2021 0 Comments

Sending anonymous fax messages over the Internet to anyone in the world is possible and there are service providers to help you do it and you don’t need to use a fax machine.

Many people use the anonymous sending of emails and / or faxes to their opponents in a vengeful spirit to settle scores. Anonymous email is an effective way to calm your anger and outrage and relieve you of the heartburn and agitation that anger often causes.

Doctors agree that the lack of proper anger management techniques can lead to agonizing mental disorders in clients. Anonymous email or fax messages allow you to write about all your bitter feelings about someone or some event to the person in question to ease your mind. Given the many serious consequences that keeping anger inside you can bring, it is best to express it and release it from your system for good by anonymous email or anonymous fax message.

But remember that sending a fraudulent fax is a serious offense and will be considered a criminal act even if it was not your intention. Obviously, the service providers will not allow you to use their service for illegal activities at any time. So don’t try to clown around, get caught, and get in trouble. Again, the facility should not be used to threaten someone as it could lead to a police case and the service provider will be forced to reveal your identity if your message is legally objectionable.

Sending an anonymous fax message is pretty simple and straightforward:

1. Go to the site offering the installation.

2. Click on the “Fax” tab.

3. Enter the recipient’s name.

4. Enter the recipient’s fax number.

5. Enter a subject line for the fax message you are sending.

6. Type your fax message in the Message box.

7. Click Submit.

8. You can pay with a debit or credit card.

There are service providers that will allow you to send two faxes (up to three pages) every day for free, and if you want to send more, you have the option of a premium fax transmission. These sites are basically backed by ad revenue.

Remember that there is no way to send an anonymous fax using traditional fax machines, that is, from one fax machine to another without the recipient’s machine picking up the sender’s number on their caller ID. Therefore, the only option to send an anonymous fax is over the Internet using the Internet fax function.

In a way, this is a good thing, as online fax services are much more convenient for users to generate and send fax messages. There’s no need for paper or other consumables, let alone use an expensive and horrible fax machine. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and an account with the service provider.

Also know that online fax services will require you to enter a valid email address, if you do not register as a member on the site. However, there are some websites that exist for the sole purpose of sending anonymous faxes, as well as text messages and emails. These sites are also available for anyone to use and are not limited to the number of fax messages you can send. But the disheartening fact is that the accusations are pretty harsh.

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