Painting an Ice Cream Truck: Dos and Don’ts

March 31, 2022 0 Comments

Q: Why is owning an ice cream truck sales company like owning a modeling agency?

A: Because appearance counts A LOT.

Nothing will lose you more customers in less time than a truck that has a paint job that makes it look sketchy, tacky, or just plain boring. So I’ve created a list of 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts that you need to consider when making the crucial decision on how to paint your truck:


  1. DO use bright colors that make your truck stand out; after all, he wants to be noticed!
  2. DO Use your writing and text that will advertise you by drawing attention and appealing to both kids and adults.
  3. DO keep your design simple – don’t bombard your customers with distracting colors and images.
  4. DO go for a retro design. For many people, ice cream trucks evoke cherished memories of their youth, so you’ll never be too old-fashioned!
  5. DO you know your customer! Certain designs will work better in different places and with people from different backgrounds and income levels. An ice cream truck being sold in Venice Beach will have a very different look and feel than a truck being sold in midtown Manhattan!


  1. WHOSE use browns, grays, or other colors that make it look like it blends into the background, or worse, looks dull.
  2. WHOSE Go overboard with decals and decorations. Doing too much visually can be almost as bad as doing too little.
  3. WHOSE use color schemes that may be associated with drugs or other illegal activities. Some ice cream vendors have given the industry a bad name by selling more than ice cream out of their trucks!
  4. WHOSE place decals and other signage too high or too low. Make sure both children and adults can see all of the writing.
  5. WHOSE spoil your awesome design by forgetting that you might have to put a window in the middle. Be sure to take into account the practical aspects of your vehicle and make a sketch before you start to paint

At the end of the day, the design of your ice cream truck is going to be a major component in how people view your business. When in doubt, keep it simple, it’s better to have a well-executed simple design than trying to get fancy and have an amateurish paint job. The easiest things to do are also the most effective, add some color to your bumpers, wheels, mirrors, and your roof speaker. Customers will notice little things like uneven paint, off-center decals and lettering, or crooked lines, so make sure everything is done right, especially on the service window side of your truck.

And remember, just because you’ve painted your truck doesn’t mean you can neglect it; be sure to spray it down with water every few days and whenever it rains, because the dirt that collects on your roof will spill onto the sides of your truck.

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