5 Steps to Business Success with Brand Awareness and Marketing Strategies

March 31, 2022 0 Comments

Brand recognition plays an important role in growing a successful online business. Knowing the importance and details of growing your business using brand awareness can make or break your marketing strategy. Let’s see the details!

While everyone recognizes that success is a matter of expectations, expecting great things may not be the only thing you need to build a successful online business. Perhaps putting your heart and soul into your business and funneling these five necessary ingredients into the mix can go a long way toward building the dynamic success you want from your business.

1 – Keyword dominance in your industry

Keywords are more than the search engine optimization jargon that goes well with your business niche, they are the recognition factor that grows your business, builds your list, and drives your buyers to your website. Applying a well-focused content promotion plan to the development of your online presence, strategically marketing your products and services through daily communication with your buyers.

2 – Effective brand identification

Will your customers recognize your brand? Do they know how they feel about you? Do they trust you? Can they feel the warm and caring touch you provide through your products and services? What your customers feel about you is the greatest reflection of your brand. When you’ve liberally sprinkled your brand identification throughout your website, in all of your content on the web, and scattered it among your customers as you serve them, they’ll recognize you, appreciate you, and recommend you to others. That’s brand recognition worth bragging about.

3 – Liberal use of successful marketing strategies

The most successful companies find working strategies to market their businesses and use them over and over and over again. In fact, they will use those same successful marketing strategies, even as they apply them to new and sometimes different marketing plans. One of those plans is the unparalleled option of having a buying customer, who is satisfied with their purchase, buy from you again. In the online industry we often refer to that as list building and we generate a marketing list of our satisfied customers at checkout. Of course, there is also the option to be part of the list before you buy something.

The key component of this strategy is keeping your customers happy.

4 – Innovative sales techniques and tools

Once you’re on target with your marketing program, the next step is to bring in an innovative sales team to brainstorm the best sales techniques and tools and implement them into your overall marketing plan. Some of the most successful and productive marketing strategies used in my business came from my ‘then’ 12 year old son who didn’t know there was a right way to market a product, but had innovative ideas about what he thought would work. And they worked. Now, 9 years later, he is a high-performing sales rep in a tech industry, at the tender age of 21. His ideas worked for me and they also work for them.

5 – Visibility through content, publishing and name recognition

“If no one knows you exist, how can they buy your products?” was my most effective coaching question for many years of teaching people how to market their business online. Be visible. My business started on the small side street of an obscure community in southeastern Colorado. No one traveled down that street, so a sign out front would have been useless. Working online provided ample opportunity to not only be visible, but also to promote my business in ways that brought me to the forefront and to the top of my industry as a recognized expert. Success means that when you open a Google search form and enter your company name, firm, or main product, YOU appear on the first page, preferably at the top of the results page.

Publishing can take you into that realm of recognition, if you do it right…

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