Explain the Concept of Integrated in Integrated Circuits

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Concept of Integrated in Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits (or ICs, microelectronics or microchips) are electronic devices that combine active electrical components like transistors and passive ones such as resistors and capacitors with their interconnections on one piece of semiconductor material. This technology is essential for all modern electronics. An IC can contain hundreds, thousands or even billions of transistors on a piece of silicon that is a mere fraction of the size of a fingernail, and it is this tremendous increase in performance per unit area that makes computers, smartphones, TVs, tablets, and other consumer electronics possible.

ICs can be linear (analog) or digital, and some can be both. Linear ICs are used to make audio and video signals, while digital ICs process information in terms of bits (on and off). The number of bits determines the level of sophistication of the chip; more bits allow for more complex operations and higher processing speeds, but more bits also create more problems due to the increased possibility of bit errors and the need to store and retrieve many more data points at once.

The earliest ICs used individual plastic packages to hold the discrete transistors, and they were wired together using a printed circuit board design. But over time, improvements in solid-state electronics made it possible to reduce the size of components.

Explain the Concept of Integrated in Integrated Circuits

By the late 1950s, inventors Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments and Robert Noyce of Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation had independently thought of ways to reduce circuit size further. They both found ways to lay very thin paths of metal on devices, which functioned as wires and allowed for an entire circuit to be built up on a single piece of semiconductor material. This technique is called integration, and it was the first step toward a fully integrated circuit.

In the early 1960s, engineers were able to incorporate more and more transistors on a single piece of silicon, and it wasn’t long before hundreds or thousands of transistors could fit on a piece of semiconductor the size of a pinhead. This enormous increase in performance and capacity per unit area is known as Moore’s law, and it has continued to accelerate, enabling the development of ever more advanced computer chips with millions or billions of transistors on a piece that would easily fit into a thumb.

Because work on a chip is done at the microscopic and sometimes nanoscopic levels, it is important to maintain very clean conditions. That is why chipmakers work in rooms that are constantly being filtered for dust and other impurities, and employees wear special clothing to prevent particles from getting stuck to their clothes and ruining the chips they’re working on.

The process by which ICs are created involves placing a wafer of pure silicon (or for special applications, gallium arsenide or other materials) on a glass slide. Different areas of the wafer are marked by photolithography, and then patterned with n-type and p-type semiconductors. Layers of insulator or polysilicon are then deposited on the n- and p-type regions, and etched with holes to form a checkerboard pattern, each box in the checkerboard being a transistor.

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