Why does a first love breakup cause so much pain?

February 27, 2023 0 Comments

When two young people fall in love for the first time in their lives, it is the greatest feeling in the world. They want to be together all the time and live in their own little world.

Kids at school know that they are a couple and how in love they seem to be. They go off to college together making plans for their future. They learn new things from each other and discover that most of the things they like to do are common interests.

A first love breakup causes a lot of pain because it is the first time someone experiences a new feeling. It creates an enormous amount of distress that makes it unbearable to think, eat, sleep, go to school, or see other people.

It is the love that you remember for the rest of your life although you will love again. Most first loves who break up believe that they will never love again, that this is the end of their world.

They’re young and haven’t experienced this before, but the pain gets them down because they want to stay in their own corner of the world.

They feel like their life is crushing them and they are hitting a brick wall with nowhere to go. They thought they would spend the rest of their lives together until death do them part.

Most first loves do not last as it is a new feeling for young people, although there are some exceptions.

My grandmother had a first love that she thought she would never get over and said she wanted to die. The young lover of hers went off to war and she met a new girl abroad and she received a letter saying that she loved someone else and that she would not see her anymore.

She said that the pain of not seeing him was unbearable but in time she met someone even though she still wanted her first love. It took her a while to get over it, but she moved on, married, and had four children.

She and my grandfather grew old together, but my grandmother said that she never forgot her first love, she still loves him but he is different from her husband today.

She has kept his photo and the gifts he gave her years ago and the memory is clear but the strong love has faded. Usually his first love will fade, but the memory will remain forever because she had the most powerful and exciting experience ever.

There is life after the breakup of your first love, it just won’t seem like it at the time, but as your heart begins to heal, you will meet a new love that will put your life back on track by making you smile again and giving you hope for a wonderful future.

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