The US E-2 Visa: A Good Immigration-Related Option for Foreign Entrepreneurs

July 23, 2022 0 Comments

The E-2 visa allows entrepreneurs from partner countries to come to the United States and start a business. Although not suitable for everyone, this immigration-related opportunity has quickly become an intriguing option for many entrepreneurs. Qualified applicants enter the US under favorable tax terms and may bring family members to work or study in the US.

1. Partner Country Requirement. Unlike many similar immigration-related options, the E-2 visa is available only to citizens of partner countries. Partner countries are those that have bilateral investment treaties or free trade agreements with the United States. Examples include Australia, Canada, and Taiwan. Citizens of non-associated countries, such as China, must become citizens of an associated country before applying for the US E-2 visa. The relative ease of obtaining Canadian or Austrian citizenship makes this two-step process feasible for many citizens of non-partner countries.

two. US investment requirement. Another requirement for E-2 visa applicants is the monetary investment in forming a business in the US There is no specific dollar minimum for the investment. The results of the case, however, suggest that the investment must be $50,000 or more partially spent to hire one or more employees in the US.

3. High level position requirement. The E-2 visa applicant must have a relatively high position within the given startup business. This is measured in two ways. The E-2 visa applicant’s ownership interest in the new business must exceed 50%. And he or she must hold a position with the company equivalent to manager or above, although other employees within the company may be responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of the company.

Four. tax advantage. One of the most attractive qualities of the E-2 visa is its tax advantage. The introduction of the tax on foreign assets drastically reduced the income of non-US citizens with green cards. The E-2 visa, on the other hand, is not a green card-related visa. Instead, it is a two-year temporary visa that can be extended or renewed within certain limitations. If the visa holder does not exceed the time of residence in the United States, he is not required to pay the tax on foreign assets.

5. Bring family members to the US. The E-2 visa holder may bring members of her family to the United States, including children under the age of twenty-one and her spouse. Once in the US, the spouse may apply for permission to do any work in the United States (although certain professionals require additional licenses or qualifications). Children equally have free access to American public schools, as well as access to American public universities.

For many entrepreneurs, the E-2 visa may be one of the best immigration-related US visa options available.

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