Ten reasons why I love communicating telepathically with animals

May 31, 2022 0 Comments

Of all the professions I’ve had throughout my life, Animal Communicator is the one I love the most and the one I’ve had the longest: 25 years this year.

Communicating telepathically with animals brings many rewards for me personally, for the animals, and for my human clients as well.

These are some of my favorite things about telepathic communication with animals.

1_ Communicating with animals reminds me to have an open heart.
Having an open heart facilitates telepathic exchange. Also, the more open you are, the more you will live from your personal truth and your Divine Self.

Many animals, like most humans, are not always open-hearted due to the stress they may have encountered in their lives.

When I speak telepathically with animals, I can help restore their hearts to greater peace, love, and openness.

2_ Animals are incredible teachers.
Even when you don’t think your animals are teaching you, just by being with you, they are showing you other ways of being.

Some are demonstrating how to meditate or how to be at peace or how to trust.

Many dogs are great at showing us how to enter spaces with joy and enthusiasm.

Many cats are wonderful meditators.

Birds can teach us the joy of flying free, letting go of our limitations so that we can truly fly.

Some horses tell me that when they run free, they get the same experience of flying.

3_ Animals generally love us unconditionally, and when I communicate with them, I can feel their love for their families.
Whether you’re talking to an animal in spirit, an animal preparing to leave its body, or a young man wreaking havoc in someone’s home, your love is very powerful.

Over the years, I’ve been telepathically washed in the face with big wet dog-tongued greetings, telepathically tickled with cat-whisker kisses, and telepathically head-butted by enthusiastic horses. Birds often perch telepathically on my head, arm, or finger.

No matter what kind of animal you are talking to, love can be very strong and each animal will wonderfully express it in its own unique way.

4_ Animals help us broaden our perspectives by offering their own, which can be very insightful and illuminating.
I will always remember the cat who told her human that her husband’s heart problem was not just physical, but came from not letting himself fall in love.

The cat gave explicit instructions about buying a card with an angel and the cat offered a well-expressed message of love for the wife and son to write on the card. The message was so beautiful that it made me and the woman’s eyes cry.

5_ Animals are very forgiving.
I have had many clients call me guilt-ridden for what they did and/or did not do for their animal before the animal left their body.

When I ask the animal about it, they are constantly understanding, kind, gentle, forgiving, affectionate, and even affectionate with their person. What a blessing that sometimes we are loved more than we love ourselves.

6_ Animals are great at reflecting our problems so we can grow and change.

One day he was furious with Melissa. While driving the car, she would rant at me about all the things she did that were infuriating to me.

Then I suddenly and initially realized that all of Melissa’s problems exactly matched mine, some from when she was a child or teenager, some that still needed to be resolved.

This insight helped me stop judging and have unconditional love for both Melissa and myself. What a great learning experience.

7_ Animals are fabulous healers, and offer their healing without reservation.
In 2003, he had just returned home from surgery to repair a broken ankle. He was on his back, asleep, with his leg in a cast and propped up on two pillows.

I woke up to the phone ringing, and when I tried to sit up, I found I couldn’t move.

My two cats at the time, Violet and Sakhara, who together weighed over 20 pounds, were lying on my cast. They were offering their healing energies and their purrs, which actually vibrate at a bone-healing rate.

8_ Animals often come to us over and over again, over multiple lifetimes.

Starlight, my adorable Siamese, was my Arabian mare, Echo, in her last life. Now it is a cat. This has created some fascinating mind-expanding experiences.

They have so much in common, I created a new word, “feliquine” [feline+equine] – a horse that comes back like a cat!

9_ Animals can have a great sense of humor.
While most of my clients rarely ask their animals to tell funny stories, I had one client who was curious about what her dog would say.

The dog told about one Thanksgiving when the cat jumped on the table and attacked the turkey, which flew to the ground so the dogs and cats could feast.

The woman and her daughter laughed and laughed as they recalled this hilarious experience.

My cat Violet, now in spirit, used to give me a Jack Benny look while making a clever joke about something.

She always seemed insulted while I laughed out loud at her comments.

Without telepathy, he would never have known that he enjoyed his wry sense of humor, which had nothing to do with physical behavior.

10_ Animals are an expression of the Divine, just like humans.
Ultimately, we are all One Consciousness, and animals often show us the way to that amazing and blessed Oneness of Being that is our ultimate goal as we return to the higher dimensions of Divine Unconditional Love and pure Divine Light.

I talk telepathically with my animals all the time. It enriches every day of my life.

Communicating telepathically with animals has been and continues to be a great blessing, and I am privileged to be able to help others communicate with their animals as well.

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