Mother and child sculpture: explains the bond between mother and child

August 31, 2021 0 Comments

When a child is formed in the womb of a mother, there is a connection that begins to nurture and that can never be broken. Cutting the umbilical cord will never break a mother’s love for her child. This personification of the affection between a mother and her child and their relationship is something that has been created by artists over and over again in the sculpture of the mother and child and their family charters around the world. Capturing the love that is shared between mother and child is a beautiful reminder of the unique love between them. A mother holding her child in her arms or holding the child’s hand while walking are some of the beautiful moments shared in the mother-child sculpture.

The hand of a simple mother prepared to touch the child’s cheek speaks volumes and captures the essence of a love that continually reaches out, touches and embraces. The loving eyes gazing at her child in the small sculpted statue will embody all the thoughts any mother has for her own children: Can the world be kind to my child? Can my child ever have children of his own to love? What does the future hold for my beloved son?

There are a number of sculptures of mothers and children that illustrate this bond and different statutes of mother and child, however, none are as famous as the Virgin and baby Jesus. This sculpture was made by the famous sculpture of Michelangelo’s “Pieta” statue, Virgin Jesus. We have embraced this statue of mother and child as our symbol of total and utter dedication, a mother who has sacrificed and given her own world for the sake of her child.

What mother would not accept a statute of mother and son for her own cabinet of curiosities or mantel? Surely any woman who has given birth to a child would love to gaze at the statue of her beloved child, sculpted and captured forever, frozen in time like the love that exists deep within her mother’s heart. Memories of a mother are her most valuable assets that she will cherish throughout her life.

It has been said that there is no depth in a mother’s love for her child. There is no distance so great that it cannot be crossed and nothing that can truly break the connection that a mother has with her child. What better means than to embody that love forever in a very familiar sculpture? Capture the connection and enjoy the bonds that neither time nor distance will ever break.

The next time you’re wondering what gift to give a mother in your life, think about the gift of a family sculpture. It is the only dear gift that can warm your mother’s heart.

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