Marketing Tactics for a Bankruptcy Lawyer

July 29, 2022 0 Comments

When you talk about marketing, think of it as a contact sport. Marketing should be seen as a game for all lawyers. Think of it as a game where you’re looking to get the most touchpoints, i.e. how many people can be seen per week, month and year. This game should also consider the people who are on your marketing team and who are willing to recommend your business. Below are just a few of the many influencer tactics that can be used to win this so-called “game” of marketing.

Getting the Goals Right

When practicing a contact sport, the correct material is necessary, you would not be playing soccer while using a basketball, right? When marketing, you also need to find the right targets. If you want to win this so-called marketing game, it’s crucial that you market to the right people. These individuals are those who want and need your services. Take the time to match the ideal goals with your experience to meet the “touch points.”

Formulating the Right Kind of Friends

Although the process of meeting other bankruptcy attorneys and legal specialists is important, it is crucial to make friends with the most dominant and influential players in the market you are in. For example, if you are in the market dealing with construction companies seeking bankruptcy, then it is important to follow trade associations and attend their conferences. These conferences are where the correct network connections will be made.

become a scholar

Even if you don’t recognize it, there are many people who are interested in the knowledge you have. It is important to take time to share this knowledge through a blog, articles and business publications by sharing it through social networks. There are many industry event coordinators looking to source speakers and workshop leaders. When speaking or leading a workshop, this puts you at the front of the room, giving you undivided attention more than the average blurb ever could.

build a list

There are times when the person may be interested in your legal services, however, they may not be fit to buy. You can get these people on your attention by adding them to a mailing list to get their approval first. The mailing list you create can manage a beneficial source of revenue and leads. However, it is crucial to keep the information provided up-to-date with valuable information such as trends, events, and bankruptcy news.

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