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March 1, 2023 0 Comments

Walking into a room full of strangers, I couldn’t help but think, “Have I been here before?” Familiarity in a smile and basic conversation made this particular meeting flow quite easily. Multiple outstretched hands gave me the warmest welcome, and I no longer felt the anxiety in the pit of my stomach. Needless to say, he was still confused as to why he was here. I looked down at my ticket. Guest – Tuesday Night – “Game Night”. I smiled, ‘This definitely sounds like something to match my enthusiasm.’ The stance of founders Peter and Helen McKenna made an impression on me as they were molded into this unified group, and yet they spoke like true born leaders: bold, expressive, yet humble. Talking like a friend, feeling like a distant relative and just as admirable as a mentor – the magical mix that is McKenna’s.

As the night wore on, I became more familiar with what it meant to be part of a system that has endless opportunities, mentally dialing in the pros in my head. I started to think, ‘I too could have a shred of success in this life.’ I too should choose to live a life of independence. I would also start my own business.

What did I hear?

Real People – Real Stories – Speaking the truth about where they came from, how they got to where they are now, and where they are yet to go.

I knew the phrase ‘work for the man’ all too well. I have been one of many who have spent their lives working multiple jobs and have little to no social life as a result. Isolated from society, friends and family, for what? A paycheck? No thanks, I no longer wanted a place to run the rat race. Team Mak has taught me the true meaning of what it is to live young and free.

The Mak team has not only presented me with a life plan that goes far beyond what I originally set out to do, but has also shown me hope for a better life. I have been given a running vehicle so that I can achieve these major goals in my life one step at a time. Not alone either, this comes with constant guidance from those who have gone before us and proven that this strategy works. An upline of support, if you will.

I can only write about my experience and the experience I have been exposed to has been phenomenal. I am always treated with respect no matter what and I never leave without a sore face from smiling too much. Team Mak cares about the people they work with. This is no ordinary sales team: this is a family. A community of people who choose to be in good company with others who want to prosper in all areas of life, not just financially.

Over the past 30 years, Team Mak has grown to be one of the largest Amway teams in Australia and has spread to all different areas of the world. His difference is his strength and that is his massive support network and solid foundation. I am also well aware, through my personal friends, that there are people who have come across bad sales reps within Amway or have heard of someone who has them. Calling it a ‘Pyramid Scheme’ and going away because they didn’t like the way it was sold to them. Don’t be fooled, it’s no such thing. It is a respectable business opportunity that I would ask any of my dear friends and family to participate in. It challenges you as a person and allows you to grow in a safe environment that you can trust.

I enjoy the charismatic atmosphere that Team Mak has provided; I look forward to the day when he creates a team of his own that is as bright-eyed and excited as I am! It is a genuine opportunity to go out and make money while having time to live your dreams. Most importantly though, I hope no one closes their minds to something that will benefit their future because of a bad experience. Experience Team Mak instead.

People, Purpose and Passion to Live.

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