How to tell if you are cheating in a long distance relationship

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One of the most common questions that cross a woman’s mind when engaged in a long distance relationship is “Do you want to cheat on me?” Well, long distance relationships are probably one of the most difficult to handle, as they will not only prevent you from seeing each other, but can also lead to various temptations, given that you are not close.

Well, before you become a fool in love, here are some things to consider to find out if he is cheating in a long distance relationship.

Are you still lying?

Even if it’s just a little white lie, it’s still a lie! Remember that lying can be a sign of cheating, which is not a healthy trait of a relationship. Lying can be as simple as not informing you that you left with a party involving people from the other side. Actually dating women isn’t bad, but breaking your trust is.

Do you have a new friend on Facebook who is in constant communication with him?

In case your boyfriend suddenly has someone of the opposite sex on his friends list, who keeps popping up in his feeds, then you need to be careful; especially if he hasn’t talked about this woman with you.

Well, it’s not really fair that you break up with him just because he has new friends of the opposite sex, but you have to be careful when one of these friends shows any interest in him.

Is he the one who starts the discussions?

Be careful if your boyfriend is the one who keeps initiating the argument, as he may be trying to put the blame on you to cover up the blame and make you feel like it’s all your fault. If this continues, he may use this tactic to end the relationship or he may just want to do this as a tool not to talk to you so he can spend some time with his special new friend.

Are you beginning to suspect?

One of the biggest signs of cheating in a long distance relationship is that he keeps questioning you about what you’ve been doing or who was with you. Yes, this may be a sign that he is diverting his fouls on yourself to cover his activities.

Does he keep avoiding or ignoring you?

If they keep ignoring your calls, it may be because they are guilty of what they are doing or because they are busy with their new special friend.

If the answer to all these questions is YES, then you better have a serious conversation with him and perhaps end the relationship. Don’t be a martyr, be fair. You deserve a relationship that can last a lifetime with someone who deserves you.

By Yaro Babiy, inspired by Erica. (c) 2012

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