How to Play the ESP Game

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Play the ESP Game

ESP is an incredibly simple classroom game that allows students to practice up to 25 vocabulary items at the same time while also practicing their target language. All they have to do is focus on one card, remember it and pass that answer on telepathically to their partner. If they can do this correctly, they win!

Originally developed by Luis von Ahn, ESP is a human-based computation game designed to do a task that computers cannot do by packaging it as a game. It was later adopted by Google who used it to return better search results for images online.

The esp Game was inspired by the legendary mentalist Kreskin, who is known for tripping on stage during his first TV appearance and for Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent character. While he did not actually have ESP, the fact that he made it into pop culture twice is testament to the power of mentalism.

How to Play the ESP Game

In ESP Game, the dealer chooses a card from a deck of Zener cards that feature symbols such as circle, cross, square, and star. The players gamble in a different room than the dealer, which is soundproof. The players must guess the order of the cards, gaining one point for each correct answer.

After each round, the dealer draws a new card and the game begins again. When a player wins, they get five points. The player who loses the most points is eliminated.

The ESP Game is a multiplayer Java applet, and you can play it for free online. Once you’re registered and signed in, the game pairs you up with a random partner and presents them with an image. Both players then type words that describe or relate to the image. There are a set of “taboo” words that you can’t use, and the game ends after two and a half minutes, or when the players agree on ten labels.

ESP is a great way to practice vocabulary while working on your telepathy skills, and it can be played in groups of three or more. Just be sure to keep the rounds short so that students do not get bored. Also, if you notice that a student is getting too involved in the game, remove them from it so they can focus on learning. You can even play the game with just one player if necessary. Just be sure to pre-teach the vocabulary items before you start playing so that students are familiar with them.

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