Eastern culture or Western culture, which is better?

March 31, 2022 0 Comments

As we watch the changing of the guard of the world’s greatest civilizations from the United States to China or India, we see history repeating itself as it has done so many times in the recorded history of human endeavours. It was not much more than 200 years ago when Great Britain was the greatest nation in the world. They kept the Gran in their name, but the US clearly made the decision after that. Next, it seems that due to our own follies and the lake of forward progression, we will pass the torch again and in doing so take our place as a footnote in the annals of human history.

As we move forward, we are on the cusp of handover, which is clearly a choice that has led our nation to bureaucracy, excessive regulation, and a disdain for change, innovation, or progress; we see a difference in cultures that is really huge. It is obvious that Western culture has its advantages, whether we take advantage of them or not. It is equally obvious to anyone who studies culture that Eastern culture has its own advantages. Some of these benefits are in conflict, while many are similar. Which is better?

Should we assume that since the Eastern culture is the next to hit with the bases loaded, that Eastern lifestyle is more satisfying than the Western lifestyle? We know from our own short 200-year history in the United States that the Western worlds; capitalism and western culture raises people, who puts. We have seen in recent history how socialism and communism have tended to push people down and overwhelm indebted and inefficient civilizations. However, in general, most of human history and government structures have chosen to share many things. All of these scenarios and all hybrids of each or all seem to involve people who are from the ruling class who are motivated by the things that motivate humans, similarly to those who they rule, who are similarly motivated by those things .

So when we ask which is better; one government structure or culture over another, it seems that one could argue on both sides of the point or be right no matter which side is argued. And indeed in such abstract thinking it seems that we are all of the same genes and we are all one in that sense. The only difference between your neighbor in the United States and one of Asian descent is probably no more than 3,000-4,000 years and certainly no more than 10,000 to 15,000. We all have similar needs to satisfy ourselves, and although we have been preconditioned to believe that one culture is better than another, it is more nurturing than nature, isn’t it? Have you thought here? It’s possible that the next time someone says it’s us against them, since that’s more akin to punching you in the eye, really? We all belong to a fairly successful species that has come a long way and whose future is very bright if we get rid of these self-centered attitudes and that goes for both sides.

In the film about World War II a Japanese political prisoner in the United States was asked; “Who do you want to win the war?” In the movie his answer showed a lot of wisdom as he said; “If your mother and father are fighting, do you want one to kill the other or do you just want them to stop fighting?” Well, with that being said, and if you are a God fearing individual, what do you think your God might say about this? Do you really think a God believes these questions of which culture is better; Is Eastern or Western culture relevant? When Gandhi was asked what he thought of Western culture, he said he; “I think that would be a good idea.” You know that I too, wish we lived as we promise ourselves instead of in hypocrisy, how about you?

Furthermore, had it not been for our long and strong history as capitalists, we in the Western world would never have reached this level of civilization, yet we condemn those who brought us here and those who follow in their footsteps. How many times have you heard that Bill Gates is the Antichrist? That’s ridiculous and he and Melinda have given more to the world than anyone in the history of mankind and what do we do as a society? Call him the antichrist and tell the government to attack his company, which is providing communication to the world and opening the world for knowledge and trade between cultures? So if Western culture is better, why do we attack it?

We don’t necessarily have to equate Red China with Communism or put a label on it like Imperialism like we did with the Japanese in World War II, but we do have to understand that while we live in hypocrisy in our civilization, often those who run other civilizations do what they do. same. History shows many different styles of societies, but in the critique of Western civilization for Eastern culture, we might want to define which one. The Chinese dynasties of yesteryear, the more recent Red China hardliner of three decades ago, or the new hybrid culture that is slowly emerging, which when finished will look a lot like a larger and even more stable version of South Korea? ?

Now, I guess if I were a Chinese peasant and the government was testing the N5H1 avian flu vaccine for potential use in biological warfare in my southwestern province, wouldn’t I be a big supporter of Eastern over Western culture? I think if this were the case, I would rather have my family making Nike shoes today and driving a Chevrolet and wearing Levis tomorrow. This is an interesting point in the debate of which is better; Eastern or Western culture, but the question itself is wrong since we are comparing apples and oranges, are we not? Some say that the ugly capitalists of Western culture in their pursuit of globalism are causing other nations to remain impoverished. Is globalism really bad, or is it getting a bad rap? And does it really matter which is better Eastern or Western culture? Since we don’t even respect everything we have in the United States and in our rush to point out the worst problems in the world, we’ve taken our eyes off the ball and China and/or India are ready to hit a grand slam home run, clean up the Park. So it doesn’t really matter which one you think is better; Click here:

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We would be wise to reevaluate our nation, what we truly stand for, and act to fix those things that are not perfect now, before allowing it all to slip away in controversy, politics, and chaos as we divide. Think about it.

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