Does Copy N Profit really work?

July 28, 2022 0 Comments

There is a popular internet affiliate marketing product called Copy N Profit. Your ad is very impressive and convincing. They give you tried and tested marketing ads. It is elegant, precise and has many tutorial videos, which you can watch online. I found these statements to be quite true. Since creating hundreds of ads for a single product campaign can be time consuming and frustrating.

The main hurdle is competing with thousands of other marketers as well as Copy N Profit trying to sell the same product. Also, if you use Google AdWords, the ad will show right at the end. To show it among the best spaces, you need to bid for high click rates ($1 or $2 per click). If you get 100 to 200 clicks, you would lose $200 to $400 per day. So even if you manage to sell a few copies, you will not make any profit and will face severe losses.

There is another way to market your product for free. You can write an article and put your affiliate link at the end. This way you don’t need to spend on Google AdWords. But the problem is that most good forums will warn you against this practice and even cancel your account if you try to simply sell something instead of submitting an actual item. I have faced this situation and found that this method has its drawbacks. But you can try with various ways.

I decided to try the product as they had a full money back guarantee. I ran your campaign for a month and lost a lot of money with no return.. One of their campaigns didn’t even get a single click. This made me feel that the claims about income opportunities were too exaggerated. Many of the reviews, who sing songs about the product, are actually the affiliates themselves and they want you to buy that product through their links. You can see the links at the bottom, so these aren’t really honest reviews, just another clever way to sell.

So if you want to try the product, go ahead. It comes with a full money back guarantee within a certain period. I claimed the refund which I received immediately and I am grateful to them for it.

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