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March 31, 2023 0 Comments

Anonymous Quickie was one of the most searched terms on Google on January 1st. 6th. 2010. The date also coincides with the broadcast of an episode of Law and Order with the same title. So what is an anonymous quickie anyway?

In the episode, it’s a web-based service to match locals, using cell phone geo-targeting technology, for casual sex dates without knowing more about each other. Just pleasure, nothing attached.

The dramatic increase in search volume for the term is an alarming sign that a disaster is about to happen or is already happening. It indicates that many people are interested in such a service, or that people have been warned by the episode and want to make sure their children are safe online.

The tragic fact is that the anonymous-quickie type of service already exists in a web-based form. Some websites are specialized in local adult dating, others are specialized in matching cheating spouses.

The other tragic fact is that there is no way to verify subscriber information. You sign up and fill out the form with the information you want others to know about you, and you can fake anything, including your age. What happens with you also happens with curious teenagers (like the one in the episode who was a victim of abuse and murder).

The Internet community is a reflection of the worst of reality. Anonymously, people can show their worst self online hiding behind their avatar or screen name. This is a real danger our children face online. Unless we do something about it, there could be more and more anonymous victims fast.

The good news is that most schools monitor the key logs of their entire network. It does not prevent the danger, but it makes it traceable. This will make it less likely to happen through the school network if someone is actually after our children.

Our responsibility is our home networks. Try installing software that monitors your children’s Internet use, either with or without their knowledge.

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