What happens when you’re a Roly Poly kid?

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Are you overweight? Are your children overweight? Do you feel lost and confused and need help? You are not alone. This problem is here and it is not going away. keep reading

I just look in the mirror and the truth hits me square between the eyes.

I recently heard a woman talk about obesity in our children. She made me remember my childhood and the way I raised my two children.

Today, food choices and nutritional value are very different from when I was in charge of my children’s food consumption.

Food today is loaded with chemicals and when we eat these foods, where is the nutritional value?

Vitamin supplements are walking out the doors of the stores that sell them. It is now a multi-million dollar business. I know for myself that I would try to cure myself of any ailment that I have naturally than taking a prescription or over the counter medication.

What does this have to do with our children and their food choices?

Many if you have ever watched your children eat and see what they select to put in their mouths, what goes down their throats and then settles in their stomachs, you will want to vomit.


Soda, our kids’ best friend, tastes great and comes in many flavors:


How do we stop this flood of soda drinkers that begins in childhood and continues into adulthood? We can start buying by taking it out of our homes. This would be one less place where the child can receive this dose of sugar and caffeine. We can’t control what they spend their money on when they’re with their friends, but we have to start somewhere.


The past few years I have stopped drinking caffeinated soft drinks and coffee. Now I am drinking bottled water. I don’t miss the sugar or caffeine and I feel so much better. But I’m an adult; children need to be helped to make the right decisions.


What’s wrong with drinking milk? It is food for our bones and teeth. It is just a thought.


Who doesn’t want to eat French fries and chips instead of vegetables and salad? We need the fat, salt and cheese after all this just clogs our arteries.

This is another big problem that parents have to face nowadays. French fries, cheese and potato chips are not going away as long as the revenue from these products is astronomical.

How can we change this or at least balance it between fruits and vegetables? Everyone has an opinion and the only person who can implement this change is you.

As an adult, I find it difficult to control what I eat. I recently attended a wonderful dinner at a friend’s house. The menu was not what I usually eat due to the content of the ingredients.

But I was with friends, we were all sitting around the table laughing, talking and enjoying each other’s company; therefore, I ate too much of the wrong food.

Our children are in this situation every day and they have less control of what they eat and I am the mature adult.


If there was an easy answer to this question, I would be a millionaire. We need to step back and take a look at this problem from a child’s perspective and then make changes.


Schools are where children consume their meals on a daily basis. Sometimes I have breakfast and definitely lunch every day. The food options available are all that the child can choose from unless they bring boxed lunches.

Maybe that’s what it takes. Maybe all kids should start bringing their own lunches to school and parents can send a message to the school cafeteria STOP POISONING OUR KIDS.

(1) These are our children. Our own flesh and blood. They are precious to us and we could not live without them.

(2) Why is it so difficult for you to understand that good nutrition contributes to healthier minds and bodies?

(3) We take precious time from our employment for your health care.

(4) We take care of them when they are sick.

(5) It is creating a massive medical and dental problem that is now being snowballed.


Believe it or not, children’s health problems are now climbing stairs to the top floor faster than this problem can be fixed.

(1) Heart problems

(2) Diabetic problems

(3) high cholesterol

(4) asthma

(5) Obesity

These are just a few stairs that lead up into a spiral out of control. Let’s find a solution to this huge problem and quit.


Fast food is wonderful for busy families and as a treat on occasion. Fast food restaurants are off to a great start in catering to children and adults who don’t want to eat sandwiches and fries with every meal. Now you can substitute a salad.

Good job fast food restaurants!

Now that you’ve taken the first step, maybe you can take another small step. Have fresh fruit available for purchase, if desired. You may be surprised that your customers actually eat it.

Maybe he could take a look at his menu with a parent’s eye. What would I like my child to eat in terms of nutritional value? Maybe you could get creative and come up with a tasty and attractive dish that the kids will love.


There are many positive activities that your children can participate in. Some are listed below:

I. Sports

2. Dance

3. Music

4. Reading

5. Instrument

6. Swim

7. Theater


(1) take a walk

(2) fly a kite

(3) Play wrestling

(4) riding a bike

(5) skate

(6) Swimming – A day at the pool or beach.

(7) Read a book followed by a discussion.

(8) Try to write a story or poem together.

(9) Write a cookbook together.

(10) Cook

(11) Try cutting food groups out of magazines and make a colorful picture that you can put on your refrigerator or other places in your house.

The ideas are endless as each child and parent has their own special interests and they don’t need to cost a fortune. In the long run, your children will want to spend time with you.

When your children are healthy and busy, they are less likely to get into trouble. For children and teens, trouble lurks everywhere if they choose to look for it.


Reading the labels on cans and bottles in grocery stores is confusing. I read and read and read and in the end I don’t know what item to buy. Do you also feel like this?

Maybe the food industry should try to use simple language when labeling their food. What is really in it? Don’t you want us consumers, who buy and eat your food, to know the truth about the ingredients in your products?

In a restaurant it seems that every appetizing dish has excess fat, cheese and salt. All the ingredients that make your palate dance with pleasure but oh what it does for your internal and external body.

As a parent, you must set an example in your daily diet and exercise. You may think your children don’t notice, but they do.


Let your children, depending on their age, help you in the kitchen. Let them choose the menu and prepare it. Most of the children who participate in the preparation of the food will eat it.


This topic is so broad and vast that it makes my head spin just thinking about it.

As a mother and grandmother, I’m not a professional by any means, but these are my thoughts. If your child isn’t getting a well-balanced diet every day, make sure he’s getting a good vitamin and mineral supplement.

I feel that many problems children face today with attention deficit issues, behavioral issues, and medical issues stem from not having a nutritionally balanced diet.

That’s my opinion. What’s yours?

Please feel free to check out my other items. I would love to hear from you.

Copyright 2006 Linda E. Meckler

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