Understanding The Dentitox Pro Dosage

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Dentitox Pro Dosage

Can a Dentitox Pro dosage cure gum disease? The answer is MOSTLY yes. It’s perfectly fine to take Dentitox Pro as directed. The maximum daily recommended dose is 500mg per day. The recommended amount of time it takes to complete the course of treatment is four weeks.

As far as side effects are concerned, they are very mild. Some of the ingredients in Dentitox Pro may slightly decrease the level of calcium in your body. You won’t notice this slight decrease in the amount of calcium in your body. So, the possibility of losing bone density is not there. On the other hand, there is NO documented medical evidence that proves that any of the ingredients in Dentitox Pro will damage your dental health.

Dentitox Drops

The question is – does Dentitox Pro prevent cavities? In other words, does it prevent the building up of cavities in the first place? The Pro-Dentitox Dental Chewing Gum contains no ingredients that directly prevent cavities from forming or accelerate their development. It contains ingredients that are highly effective in combating tooth decay before they begin. By inhibiting the formation of acids and carbohydrates which are the primary foods that cause tooth decay, these chewing gums work to strengthen your teeth and prevent further tooth decay.

Understanding The Dentitox Pro Dosage

Does Dentitox Pro also reduce gum disease? Yes, it does. This product specifically addresses one of the primary causes of tooth loss – the presence of cavity-causing bacteria. By limiting the amount of sugar in your mouth, this chewing gum can help to reduce the buildup of bacteria. It also limits the production of bacteria, which produce sulfur compounds that cause tooth decay and cavities. The result is reduced cavities, halitosis (bad breath), and a healthier smile.

What are the long-term side effects of Dentitox Pro? Like any prescription drug, there are possible interactions with certain medications and vitamins, as well as possible allergies to some ingredients contained in this dental chelation formula. If you are taking an MAOI for depression, blood thinners, or anticoagulants, you should avoid taking this product. Also, women of childbearing age or who are already pregnant should avoid taking this product as well. Seek the counsel of your physician before starting to use any product that will change your mouth’s chemistry.

What about ingredients other than Calcarea fluoride? There are a number of ingredients that are commonly used in over-the-counter and prescription versions of this product but have not been tested or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. There are no published studies that indicate the effectiveness of these ingredients in reducing the bacteria, halitosis, or oral thrush which cause plaque and gum pain. It is unknown if these ingredients help to prevent recurrence of symptoms or aid in the fight against periodontitis.

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