Tips for buying Mexican auto insurance before your next trip

August 1, 2022 0 Comments

If you plan to visit Mexico, either for a short trip or an extended stay, and will be operating a vehicle in this country; then you may want to consider investing in Mexican car insurance. There are different legal systems in Mexico, compared to the United States; and some significant difference in the insurance coverage offered to drivers. When purchasing a plan for an upcoming trip to Mexico, it’s generally best to purchase a short-term policy online before entering the country; to avoid possible problems.

Research Liability Differences – One of the main differences with auto insurance in Mexico compared to the United States is the difference in liability issues between the two countries. According to civil law in Mexico; There is no liability for any kind of emotional distress, pain or suffering for those who are in a car accident. This means that insurance claims only cover property damage and bodily injury; items that are strictly and easily determined based on their actual cash value. This is important information to know, in case you ever have an accident.

Purchase separate legal aid coverage: When you are within Mexico, there is no liability coverage to pay for your legal defense, in case you are in an accident and need to go to court. There is usually an option to add legal aid coverage to your policy.

Be aware of Mexican accident laws: when deciding whether or not to get Mexican car insurance; Remember, if you are in an accident, the law of the land requires that your vehicle be kept within the borders of the country until all damages are paid. With this in mind, make sure your policy covers the cost of bail or add additional coverage first.

Buy a short-term policy online: Don’t wait to buy car insurance until you arrive in Mexico, you can buy short-term travel policies online before your trip. While you shop for your policy online; be sure to also purchase a car permit.

Gather the proper paperwork first: When you enter the country, you’ll legally need to have Mexican car insurance and a car permit for Mexico, especially once you’re outside the ‘border sector’ of the country. When driving in the country, the insurance claim, title holder, and driver must all be owned by the same person. To get a temporary car permit, you’ll need your driver’s license, registration, ID, major credit card, and some type of immigration form.

Consider car insurance through your car rental company: Many travelers will decide to rent a car in Mexico after they’ve crossed the border. Your car rental company may be able to offer you high-quality coverage. However, if you wish to obtain liability coverage, you will need to obtain it separately from a licensed provider.

Know the difference in deductibles: Deductibles in the United States are different than deductibles in Mexico. Typically, with auto insurance in Mexico, there are two different types of deductibles. First is the deductible for physical damage, which is usually around 2% of the value of the vehicle; with a minimum of $500. There is also a theft deductible which is typically 5% of the value of the vehicle with a minimum of $1,000. With the differences in typically deductible; It is important for drivers to be well informed about what their deductibles will cover.

Look for medical evacuation and plane tickets home: if you are concerned about a possible accident affecting your trip; consider adding medical evacuation coverage. This will pay for air or ground ambulance services. You can also add coverage to cover the cost of your plane tickets to the US or Canada, in case an accident prevents you from leaving.

Vehicle Repair – As a visitor to the country of Mexico, drivers will want to know if they are allowed to have their vehicle repaired in their home country, either the US or Canada. Otherwise, those who have accidents may have to have their repairs done in Mexico. Not all insurance companies offer this service, but some that specialize in travel insurance will have this option.

Auto policies differ from country to country; But as a responsible driver, it’s always smart to know your coverage options. If you find yourself in an accident, you can feel safe knowing that your Mexico auto insurance can help keep you covered. Your insurance policy may have a number you can call, or you can call Mexico’s version of 911 (066) in case of an accident, for assistance.

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