The power of passion

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Once upon a time there was a man, Jack, who worked very hard at his job. He had gone to school in an area of ​​interest and got a job in a similar industry. He found a good wife and they had 3 wonderful children. Life was good in her adulthood, but she found herself feeling like she was in the grind of life. He got up every morning, went to a job that he liked but where he longed for a break, some kind of long-awaited vacation. He had lost most of his hobbies, due to the time constraints of working long hours at his job, balanced with trying to take care of and spend time with his family. The dreams that Jack had talked about in his youth (traveling, starting his own business, becoming a golfer, winning fantasy football, etc.) were still in the back of his mind, but only dimly. Jack had a successful life by American standards (income, job, home, family, etc.), but he didn’t jump out of bed in the morning – he didn’t have a jump in his stride, and he seemed to carry a high standard. of stress. In general, I was happy, but not HAPPY.

This is the story of a man with a great life, but of a man who lacks PASSION.

What is passion?

Webster defines passion as “a great liking, desire, or devotion for some activity, object, or concept.”

I define passion as an inner subconscious emotional calling that fuels the perspective, focus, and actions you take as you live life and fulfill your purpose in life.

Passion isn’t obvious, like the ability to throw a soccer ball, be a talented musician or talented craftsman, or live like an amazing inventor. Passion is not on a conscious level, something that you are thinking about and noticing on a daily basis. Passion is more “energetic” in nature and therefore difficult to see.

People say they are passionate about their children, their families, their hobbies, etc. While all of these are admirable, I would say that they are interests that bring joy and pleasure. They can also be the tip of your passion or an indicator of your passion. While passion is a common word to describe an emotional state in which you really like something, the passion we are talking about here is a much broader concept. Here, it’s all about the core attributes that drive you and get you excited about life and life.

It’s also important to recognize that people often mistake passion for purpose. The way I see it, purpose is the vehicle you drive because of your passion – your purpose is what you do (for example, playing sports, writing music, reading literature, or being a parent). Passion is the fuel and energy you use to drive – Passion is how you fuel yourself (for example, creativity, problem solving, or helping people).

Passion is the inner fire that burns within you as a result of using your gifts, talents, and natural purposes here on earth. You have passion before you use it, but it is like a dead match. Passion ignites when you use your gifts, talents, and purpose, and results in personal fulfillment and “fluid living,” where everything works together and every area of ​​your life is filled with joy, satisfaction, and synergy.

Why have passion? Is it possible that everyone has a passion or are some people just more “emotional”?

Passion is seen when you look at the world and selflessly allow yourself to be an instrument, using your gifts and talents. By doing this, you will begin to see your reflection and thus more easily identify your passion. After identifying your passion, by experiencing the fire lit within you, you can focus and use those gifts and talents more – your purpose and passion come together and lead to the most satisfying adventure of your life!

The rewards of living a passionate life are incredible! Once you have tried it, you will yearn for your return. It is an amazing overflow of your heart, body, mind and soul. You have energy, direction, purpose, and focus. As human beings, we all want this, but sometimes it seems too difficult to achieve, so we give up and decide to just enjoy what life gives us.

“What does life give us?” I ask. Don’t be fooled, we are not here on earth to float down the river in an inner tube, just passively assimilating what life has to offer. You won’t find passion in that inner tube. You can hit a few rapids and give it a try here and there, however if you want to know what it means and is to live a life of passion, you should go get it.

Life can bring some hard blows, difficult lessons, challenges, and adversities. How you handle them is up to you. You see, there is a quote that says, “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of what you do with it.” The more you can see life as a lesson, something to learn from, and a gift, the happier you will be. The more you live in your purpose and passion, the easier it will be to see things from this perspective. Do you want to have this synergy in your heart, body, mind and soul? Do you want to be happy, overflowing with joy and be of value to the world?

Jack finds the passion

Jack got tired of tripping over life. He did some research and discovered a few things: he enjoys the outdoors, energizes himself with the fresh air, strategic thinking, and intellection. Before, when I played golf, I was engaging in some of these passions, an appreciation of nature, strategic thinking, and intellection. He had stopped playing golf for lack of time. The irony is that after picking up the hobby, you seem to have more time and energy.

At work, he also noticed that his work had become boring because he was not reading the statistical reports as he did when he started his work. Back then, when he read the reports, it motivated and excited him about driving strategies that would save the company time and money. So, he started reading the reports again and found himself more involved in the work. The momentum helped him get things done faster, be more positive, and finish many days on time so he could get home to his children.

Since Jack got home on time, there was a little break before dinner when he was able to go out and play with the kids – he loved to throw the ball and teach little Jake to ride a bike! It even inspired him to outfit the family to embrace Saturday morning walks on the local park trail.

When Jack realized that his passions were being outdoors in nature, using his intellectual abilities, and creating solutions and strategies, he discovered that these same things appeared in all areas of life. It was exciting and compelling! He was happy, fulfilled, and had found synergy in every area of ​​his life.

Now you know what passion is. Now you know the benefit of inviting passion into your life. Take the time to explore your personal passions and integrate them into your life. Passion is a phenomenal gift. If you want to LIVE life to the fullest and enjoy it along the way, take the time to discover your passions. Put them in your daily life. You will find that you have time for everything you did before and more.

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