The 15 Easiest Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas Ever!

December 1, 2022 0 Comments

Looking for some really easy and simple to set up wedding reception table decoration ideas? You have come to the right place. Everyone wants their reception tables to look great and match the overall theme of their wedding. But, your tablescapes need not give you a headache or break the bank. You’re going to be pretty busy on your wedding day, so you need quick and easy centerpieces! Many of our ideas are quite affordable and hassle-free!

1. Seasonal fruit in decorative bowls or baskets. Did you know that you can spray paint inexpensive bowls to match your color scheme if needed? Go “Green” – Give guests beautiful centerpieces and snacks at the same time! Beautiful color, and no waste.

2. Tulle fabric table runner with floral elements or arrangements. This combination can be as simple or as elaborate as you like and will easily fit into any color scheme. Use your bridal party bouquets as some of the floral accents, especially on the ‘head table’ of the bride and groom.

3. Prefabricated floral arrangements. Probably the simplest yet most beautiful way to spruce up any table. Short or very tall are the best for conversation. Be careful tipping with very tall and skinny flower arrangements on small tables and out in the open.

4. Shells, candles and sand. Magnificent possibilities await you with this summer wedding centerpiece idea. Make a practice layout before the wedding day, and take a photo when you get it right (so your helpers know how you want the items arranged). Have a shoebox-sized plastic container available to quickly clean up litter after receipt.

5. Cloth napkins, glasses and candles. Don’t underestimate the simple, crisp beauty of glass and candlelight! Beautiful, economical and ecological!

6. Petals and tea lights. Layer them in swirls or spread them out haphazardly for a soft and easy look. Use buds or whole flowers too (just the heads) if you like! Make a heart shape with the tea lights on the round tables.

7. Glasses, petals and bottles of wine or sparkling cider. Set in the center of round tables or in groups on rectangular tables, this combination would be both practical and beautiful. Go green”. It can be placed on a colored cloth.

8. Fresh cut vegetables, candy canes and candles. So easy, fragrant, and fun for Christmas weddings! Use strings of white Christmas lights if your venue doesn’t allow candle lighting.

9. Pre-made wreaths (lay flat) and candles. Not just for the holidays, wreaths can be created to match any theme and color scheme. Just spread them out! It works especially well for round tables. Crowns also make great gifts for the bridal party or other attendees.

10. River rocks. Go “green”: Consider using polished river rocks for decoration. As soon as your event is over, take them back to nature… Use a large size and have guests write inspirational words on them as keepsakes for you!

11. River rocks, bowls and floating flowers. Easy to assemble and looks very natural. You can easily match any color scheme. Ecological centerpiece!

12. Mirror, confetti and candle(s). Adding petals would also soften this look. Very easy to set up and adds lots of bright color and light to your tables.

13. Bunches of balloons. Many advantages for your money! You’ll need something heavy to anchor them, although you can buy them with heart-shaped plastic ‘anchors’ on each balloon. Make sure the strings are kept long to encourage conversation at the tables.

14. Ivy chandeliers. Classic and so simple to set up. The ivy can be fresh cut or silk. The candles can match your color scheme. Chandeliers can be rented!

15. Fresh cut flowers in vases. Use seasonal flowers from your garden, a friend’s garden, a florist or grocery store. So simple to set up and clean. Hand out the flowers to your guests as they leave the reception so they can put them to good use later. Ask your venue, florist, or caterer if they have vases.

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