Should I Buy Reproduction Porcelain Posters?

July 14, 2021 0 Comments

There has always been a hot topic of debate regarding antique reproduction in general. While some companies reproduce antiques for the sole purpose of misleading the buyer, most manufacturers produce them to meet the demand for a high-quality product with an antique appearance.

When it comes to porcelain signs, the topic can be extremely heated. Collectors of these items are passionate about their collections and often despise the idea of ​​someone reproducing the items they treasure.

The problem here mainly lies with the salespeople. Manufacturers are usually honest entrepreneurs. They just see the desire for a product and do their best to meet that need. They can create fabulous recreations and most label and date them accordingly. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous sellers choose to “modify” items in an attempt to create an antique and fool inexperienced buyers and make big profits in the process.

Old reproductions have always been part of the market. When entrepreneurs see a demand for a particular style of product, they typically rush to production with the goal of meeting that demand. Legitimate antiques are in limited supply, so the natural progression is for companies to produce reproductions to meet the demand for a particular look. In some cases, the reproductions are of such high quality that they command substantial prices. Those reproductions are created in an attempt to become the collectible antiques of the future. In some cases, they are even produced in limited quantities and numbered accordingly to create a higher long-term collectible value.

Why would anyone choose a reproduction porcelain sign over an authentic antique sign? The bottom line is the price. In most cases, you can get a reproduction sign for a fraction of an antique. If your collection is missing a highly sought after sign and you have the opportunity to purchase an incredibly close reproduction of the original, why not? Of course it’s not antiquity, but in the meantime, that reproduction will fill in the gap just fine. When you find your original, you can replace the reproduction sign with your newly found treasure. In some cases, that reproduction looks a lot like the original, the only person who knows is you.

Reproduction porcelain signs are produced today mainly abroad. Countries like China and India are some of the biggest producers. Most of the companies that produce porcelain signs in the United States have long closed or ventured into other areas of the sign market. Although most of the reproduction porcelain signs are produced abroad, they bear a striking resemblance to the original signs.

We create a line of high quality porcelain signs. Each one is produced as close to the original design as possible. All signs are also permanently labeled and dated with the year of production.

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