Self gratitude and personal success

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Self-gratitude is the ability to appreciate yourself without the benefit of outside influence, and it’s a very difficult thing for most people to do, but it’s certainly the most powerful thing any of us can learn to do.

There are so many different tools and systems for success that it can get confusing if you spend too much time looking at all the options. However, there is a single unifying thread that makes any or all of the tools and systems work, or not work for the user. Every tool and system is based on how the user feels about themselves. Gratitude in any form is a powerful attitude that will get results; however, gratitude towards oneself is a powerful tool that can change all things. It is the key to personal success, whatever it means to you.

Many of us pick up where our parents left off with the practice of beating ourselves up every time we perform below what we perceive to be our best or beyond our ability. In many cases, we’ve set ourselves up expecting the impossible that we can’t meet, and then beat ourselves up for not being able to meet our expectations. For those of us who do that, we have left little to no room to bail out.

The interesting thing about that little game with ourselves is that, like our parents, we would never reward ourselves for poor performance. Having a successful business that offers freedom and flexibility is such a great reward – it would feel like our parents actually bought us that new Porsche for our 18th birthday. The problem is that few of us really feel serviced by rewarding ourselves with a prize. so big.

There is hope in the powerful tool called self-appreciation or self-appreciation; it’s just a matter of learning how to use it and applying it as consistently as possible. Here’s the problem: often people dive into this idea and try to realize it perfectly, which is next to impossible at best, never mind just starting out, allowing their ‘not good enough’ thinking. I pushed them back into the ‘Beat ’em selfs up’ game.

It’s time to tell ourselves, ‘enough is enough!’ It’s time to break that self-destructive, heart-breaking cycle that prevents us from grasping the golden ring, which is, in all respects, our birthright. What that means is that learning to practice self-appreciation requires that we start appreciating ourselves when we are least satisfied with our achievements, as well as when we are satisfied. It’s time to get off our backs!!

But how do you get there?

Most of us are used to making a to-do list, so that might be the easiest place to start. How about starting a ‘facts’ list? I’ve been using to-do lists for several years and my experience is that a to-do list helps me appreciate myself by giving me a visual way to acknowledge everything I do. This will be particularly useful for women who are running a home and at the same time trying to build a business.

Your to-do list should include everything on your to-do list—every chore you do, every phone call you make, every errand you run, and everything you do yourself. In fact, that last piece, what he has done himself, may be the most important part of the list. We’ll get back to that part in a minute, but first let’s look at chores.

When I said ALL household chores, I meant exactly that. If you pick up some clothes off the floor, let the dog in or take the mail; All of this needs to be taken into account because each action takes time out of your day and if you have a whole day to handle little things that aren’t on the list, you risk thinking that your day was wasted. This list of facts is an important snapshot of what you accomplish that will help you recognize that you do a lot, and therefore a lot to appreciate about yourself.

There are a few reasons to list everything you do for yourself and the most important one is: You are the most important person in your life. If you don’t recognize the things you do for yourself as important, you are discounting the value of yourself and you are definitely not in a position of self-appreciation. If you find that at the end of most days there is nothing on your list to take care of yourself, then it’s time to get into your day. That may seem difficult at first, but it’s worth the effort.

Always start by appreciating what is. If you took a shower, put it on your list and appreciate yourself for doing something for yourself. Did you read something you love? That goes on your list too and don’t forget to appreciate yourself for doing something for you! The time spent doing for yourself is the most important moment of your day. Let’s face it, if you don’t take care of yourself, you have less energy to take care of others and your business. Take the time you need to recharge, and let the gratitude you feel for yourself spill over to the other things you do and the people you do it for.

You’ll find that as time goes by, your to-do list will get longer and longer. There are a couple of magical things that happen from appreciating what you really do. First, you’ll find that you get better at the things you do, making them faster to do and therefore less time consuming. Second, you’ll find that you have more time in your day to get things done. As for why that happens, well, that’s another multi-page article so I won’t explain it, however I promise you that if you are diligent with time, these things will happen.

Another useful tool is the Self-Assessment Checklist. It’s a simple thing to do, and it can change your life faster than most things. Take 5 minutes at the beginning and end of your day and write down 10 things you appreciate about yourself. It could be things like ‘I’m brilliant’, ‘I’m an amazing parent’, ‘I’m love’, actions you’ve taken like ‘I helped an old lady with her shopping today’, ‘I smiled at the cashier’, ‘I helped my son with your homework’, skills you have like ‘I’m a great cook’, ‘I love making birdhouses’, ‘I’m a wonderful networker’ or anything else you want. you may think it shows how special and wonderful you are – to yourself.

No one else will see your lists, so go wild, go wild and shine so you can see your magnificence. I have personally applied this method for almost 3 years and the transformation has been glorious, permanent and life changing. I became my own power tool.

Arrogance vs. Appreciation

Many clients beginning this journey worry that they will appear arrogant or conceited as they move more toward self-appreciation. Nothing can be further from the truth. People who appear arrogant or conceited are not in a position to appreciate themselves; instead, they are doing and saying things with the intention of making others appreciate them to fill the void they feel because they don’t appreciate themselves.

Arrogance is an outward journey of someone who believes that what they need and want is outside of themselves. Self appreciation is an inward journey that will help you allow your light to shine into the world around you, making you more attractive, more magnetic, more effective, and most importantly, more of who you really are.

Have you ever met someone who was liked by everyone, who built massive downlines with little effort and everything they touched seemed to turn to gold? That someone his kids can’t wait to see, always has a smile for everyone, is helpful at all times, and always seems to make any gathering even better? Have you ever wished you were more like that person?

There’s a common thread to every person who fits that description: They appreciate themselves whether they know it or not. They are their own power tool!

The good news is that you can be that too, and it’s just a habit of appreciating yourself until you’re your own power tool!

Good job!!

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