renting in Loughborough and how to deal with bad landlords through legal means

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renting in Loughborough and how to deal

Landlords are a powerful group of individuals who can hold immense power over the people they rent their property to. There have been countless horror stories about landlords that overstep their bounds, and it’s important to know what they can and cannot do legally when you’re renting your home. In this article, we’re going to discuss what landlords can and cannot do during an inspection and how you can deal with a bad landlord through legal means.

Landlord inspections are a part of every lease agreement, but there are certain things landlords cannot do during an inspection that can put tenants at risk. Landlords can only enter the rental Loughborough student accommodation property with proper notice (usually 24 hours) and for a valid reason, such as an emergency or if there is a health code violation. Landlords also can’t retaliate against tenants who make complaints or leave bad reviews, evict them for their own reasons, or use the inspection as an excuse to raise rent.

There are a number of other rights that tenants have during an inspection. For example, the law states that a landlord can’t deny a new tenant because they’re a different race or religion, use the inspection to check on their credit report, run a background check without consent or with a subpoena, or deny a pet for reasons other than allergies or behavioural issues. Landlords can, however, use their discretion to approve or disapprove new tenants based on income, previous rental behavior, criminal records and references.

renting in Loughborough and how to deal with bad landlords through legal means

One of the biggest mistakes that a landlord can make is refusing to rent to someone for their race, religion, or disability. This is against fair housing laws and can open the landlord up to a lawsuit. A landlord can’t retaliate against a tenant either by raising their rent or refusing to make repairs, and they are required to follow federal and state fair housing laws.

Maintaining an organized schedule and routine can greatly contribute to your productivity and well-being while living in student accommodation. Create a study schedule that allows for dedicated study time, breaks, and leisure activities. Establish a routine for meals, exercise, and self-care. Utilize organizational tools such as planners or digital calendars to stay on top of deadlines, appointments, and responsibilities. By staying organized, you can manage your time effectively, reduce stress, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

If you’re a student looking for Loughborough student accommodation, there are plenty of options available. Whether you’re a solo student, living with a housemate or in a group of students, you can find a variety of student flats, houses and semi-detached properties for rent in Loughborough. The best student houses in Loughborough are based around the Ashby area, close to the university campus and with easy access to Loughborough town centre. This lively area is packed with pubs, takeaway restaurants and cafes that cater for the student population.

Other popular areas include the student neighbourhoods of Wards End Road and Granby Street, where you can sample an array of delicious food and drink. You’ll also find plenty of high-ranking bars, student clubs and a buzzing student union on your doorstep. The town is also rich in culture with the Carillion War Memorial in Queen’s Park and Charnwood Museum. It’s no wonder that Loughborough is one of the UK’s top-10 places to study. Find your perfect student house with StuRents and enjoy all the town has to offer!

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