Renting a student apartment in Edinburgh, you have to guard against the trap!

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“For international students in the UK alone rented apartment students, pay attention to every aspect of the problem, and do all sorts of prevention, only in this way can protect their own rights and interests against any damage, good in a foreign land inventory for everybody below the top ten students have to prevent the student accommodation in Edinburgh trap, come together and have a look.

Trap, the landlord
Please note that some house ads, they will be good incredible but the rent is very low. Put some bait “”, some false advertisements and then call your payment before the house through the network.

Trap 2, repetitive charge Credit valuation fee (Credit check fee)

Landlords often credit check on future potential tenant, in order to avoid their defaults landlord, in spite of this, there are some intermediary charging high credit inspection fee.

Credit check report, in general, about 100 pounds a year, but some intermediary for the tenant to pay higher fees. Worse some intermediary will take you to see a lot of house, then call more than you do a credit check, this is completely unnecessary, because a credit check will only tell the landlord the tenant’s previous credit record.

Trap 3, do not refund fees (Administration earlier)
International students to our response once said she was the 210 pounds fee mediation, because she thinks the house is her. Intermediary told her, she then the landlord accepted another Offer, but her fee is not refund her. Some other worse have occurred, the tenant even handed over 540 pounds in fees.

You should refuse to pay fees, until you are sure the house is you. You maybe don’t have to pay any fees, if you are dealing with a private landlord. As some website enables you to find this kind of landlord: (only) in London,,, showed Co. UK, or easyroommate. Co. UK.

You can even find one some social networking sites, such as: Facebook, Weibo. If you are a student, your university will be a private landlord’s contact information. In Scotland, don’t accept the tenant fee.

Trap 4, unprotected deposit (deposit)
Landlords is demanded by law put tenants Deposit in one of three projects under protected, they are: Deposit Protection Scheme, My Deposit and Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Even so, some landlords will not do this.

During holidays and semester breaks, it’s essential to plan your accommodation arrangements in advance. If you plan to stay in your accommodation during these periods, consider any additional costs that may apply. If you will be away, communicate your plans with your accommodation provider and make necessary arrangements to ensure the security of your belongings. Explore options for short-term accommodation if needed. Utilize this time to rest, rejuvenate, or engage in travel or other activities. Planning for holidays and semester breaks ensures a smooth transition and minimizes any potential disruptions to your living situation.

Is very important before the signing of the contract, which is a project must be sure that they use to protect your deposit, be sure to let them take out evidence to prove that your deposit is protected, it can avoid the disputes in the future.

Every deposit protection project have a complaint free service, if the landlord intentionally don’t refund the deposit, you can use this service. Look for the website will offer help to you. Check your deposit is protected, please refer to your mediation to find the reference number, and then you give them a call.

Trap 5, expensive search fee
Some companies charge you expensive room charge, this is should not, you should not have to pay any housing costs.

Trap six, Check in and Check out the bills
Please in charge of the contract before you are determined to, such as the two fees. Mediation if these institutions are the following member, you can use their complaint service: Association of Residential above Agents, the National Association of Estate Agents or National Approved above Scheme. Then there is the Property Ombudsman or Ombudsman Service.

Trap 7, multiple files
This may have cost, if you want to much to a contract

Eight, lease change trap
You may be for lease change and change the name of the tenant to pay a fee.

Trap nine, rising rents
Real estate agent and the landlord, in some cases, will rise your rent. Please find out similar housing rents in the same area, and then use this to discuss with the landlord.

Trap 10, continue to rent
If you want to continue to rent, please pay attention to some intermediary will charge your rates.

If you have any questions about Edinburgh student accommodation, welcome to call the small house, we will arrange professional consultant for you to do detailed answer seriously.

¬†Edinburgh student accommodation, to prevent the trap!”

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