Questions to ask your Sitefinity development partner before finalizing

January 17, 2023 0 Comments

Choosing a perfect CMS development company for your website is not just about choosing the company that can offer you the cheapest solution for your business. When you think about it, selecting the right Sitefinity CMS partner is actually entrusting your entire business to them. Studies have revealed that any mistake in selection can result in a huge loss in the long run due to lost trading opportunities and wasted both time and money. With the increase in cloud applications being developed and daily activities and operations becoming more automated, it is very important to choose service providers who can offer the best solutions for your business.

Here we have discussed some important questions to ask your Sitefinity service providers:

You should keep in mind that Sitefinity is a full-featured enterprise CMS that is easy to use and scalable. With the right implementation partner, you can have a rich, high-performing website.

What CMS is your team specialized in?

A CMS platform is constantly changing and robust, and it takes quite a few projects to master the functionalities. So before you choose your Sitefinity partner, ask them the platforms they have worked on and whether or not their team focuses on Sitefinity and has experience with it.

How many years of experience do you have?

Any software service provider working on Sitefinity recently will not be aware of the challenges they face when developing Sitefinity CMS websites. It is important that developers have experience with CMS releases and have gained a lot of experience from performing numerous Sitefinity upgrades.

Do you have any experience integrating third-party tools with Sitefinity?

While planning to develop a website based on Sitefinity, you should consider that your development partner should have knowledge in integrating a wide variety of third-party tools and systems, such as CRM software, product databases, maps, data sources, and more. While third-party tools have some existing connectors for the Sitefinity CMS, it’s also important that your development partner has the ability to write custom integrations.

Are all your processes compliant with GDPR regulations?

Data security, privacy and accessibility are of crucial importance and many laws and regulations are introduced to address these concerns. The GDPR is being introduced to safeguard the data protection rights of customers and it is crucial that your partner has experience in helping your business with compliance.

What is your quality control process?

It is very important that while developing your Sitefinity website, your development partner has an internal team in place for a formal QA process. Testing should not be the sole responsibility of the developer. An experienced professional team should continue the testing part while development is taking place.

How do you plan a project before coding begins?

Before developing a project, there are some considerations that are specific to CMS implementation and that need to be taken into account even before the development process begins. You should know that your service provider creates a plan regarding the project before you start coding to ensure the smooth running of the project.

Do you have a backup and file recovery system?

Your Sitefinity development partner should maintain a transparent process to instill trust and manage code and deployment effectively. Find out if they will offer you file backup and any recovery processes while you develop the project. They should also have a checklist when implementing the codes to reduce potential downtime.

Do you support a mobile strategy?

With more and more people using their mobile phones to download apps or purchase products and services without even visiting the site, it is very important that your Sitefinity development partner has the skills to develop mobile-optimized websites smoothly. Whether it’s building an app from multiple mobile devices or creating a responsive design, an experienced company will do it all for you.

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