Patent Attorney: The Four Traits of the Best Patent Attorneys

May 27, 2021 0 Comments

1. The basics

A patent attorney must have graduated from law school like any other attorney. That’s where the similarity ends. A patent advisor must also have a degree in a scientific or technical discipline. The best will have experience working in the chosen technical specialty before studying law. The wide and varied experience in patent drafting is also a great advantage.

2. Deep knowledge in the field of your invention

Knowledge in the field of your invention is vital. A biologist would probably not be a good candidate to write a patent in the electronics field. However, a good patent attorney will have training and / or experience in various technical fields. A patent agent (one who has a technical college degree and has passed the patent bar, but is not a lawyer) might be a better option, if your technical education and experience fit the field of your invention.

3. Successful patents

You should expect to obtain successful patents from the patent attorney you hire. Here are a number of questions to ask when interviewing a potential patent advisor.

to. How many patents have you written?
B. Have any of your patents been challenged?
vs. Have any of your patents been revoked?
D. What percentage of the patents you have written has been financially successful for the inventor?

The answers to these questions will provide you with a good means of comparison between patent attorney candidates.

4. Affordable

Large patent law firms in big cities can be very expensive. The good news is that they can afford to hire diverse talents on staff. In contrast, the smallest company in a smaller city can be a bargain, if they have the proper patent advice that is needed for your project. Buying different companies in different cities can pay off big dividends.

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