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August 1, 2021 0 Comments

The supposed deadline for the National Basketball Association exchange is gone, and some results are now available. It was supposed to be an opportunity for some big names to exchange addresses. But some of the players will take some time to adjust to their new teammates. Take Marcus Camby, Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, “Catfish” Travis Outlaw, Tracy McGrady, Kevin Martin, and just to mention a few players without the best billing.

First, Marcus Camby is a legit 6’11 shot blocker with plenty of length. Marcus can run down the track with great stride and grace. The increased visibility regarding the lack of defense in the middle, has left the Portland Trial Blazers with no choice but to find a plug in the painted area. Looking at the Trail Blazers lineup, it looks like they are a playoff team. But it will take time for Marcus Camby to establish himself as a Blazer. For example, Marcus did not disappoint against the Utah Jazz on Sunday night with 18 rebounds and four blocks. It will probably take Marcus a few weeks to practice with his new teammates and become more familiar with the team’s plays. Personally, I didn’t like trading “Catfish” Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake for a 35-year-old center. But the Portland Trail Blazers have been known to make strange player moves.

Second, I hope Antawn Jamison was nervous against the Charlotte Bobcats on Friday night. Jamison’s shooting debut was 0 of 12. I know “King” LeBron James expects something completely different in the upcoming games. Antawn should help him get off the beach with his average of 20 points per game. He is a sound musician with a professional attitude. I look forward to Jamison contributing more in the upcoming playoffs and regular season games. The Cleveland Cavaliers will definitely be in the East finals. It is up to LeBron James and O’Neal to help with the smooth transition from Antawn. So watch out for a great playoff series between Cleveland, Boston, Atlanta, or Orlando. The way LeBron executes and provides leadership, the sky is the limit for Cleveland.

Third, The Catfish has left Portland, Oregon. I was disappointed that the Trail Blazers traded Outlaw. I am ashamed that my Trail Blazers are known for grooming good players and trading them. It appears the Blazers made the move just to guarantee a playoff shot. Throwing away the future for instant gratification isn’t a great concept. Outlaw is a very good swingman who can run the court, play over the rim, catch the fourth quarter player and a great teammate. For example, in overtime against the Utah Jazz on Sunday, the Blazers lost a 25-point lead because the players failed to step up. Outlaw would have provided touchdowns down the stretch to help Brandon Roy. If the Blazers are serious about making the playoffs, someone other than Brandon will have to produce during the crucial moments. Hopefully, Travis Outlaw will have a chance to prove himself in Los Angeles. Former Blazers have been known to return to hunt down the Trail Blazers, and Travis will be one of them.

Meanwhile, Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood should help the Dallas Mavericks. Both players are great teammates and very selfless players. Haywood is long and can fill in the middle. I think Caron Butler just needed the opportunity to play for a contender. Caron’s skills will definitely show themselves during the playoff race. The Dallas Mavericks have been winning since they made the trade. I know that Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd are happy with the strong offensive and defensive effort of their new teammates.

Last but not least, Tracy McGrady is a good player and an All-Star. I don’t know about his swagger in the locker room. Tracy seems to annoy people and doesn’t fit in with certain teams if he’s not the main focus. I think the Knicks got McGrady because of salary and fan attendance. The Knicks have a chance to land a great free agent in 2011. I think the Knicks are using Tracy McGrady as a pawn to attract players like LeBron James. It’s not a bad move to get McGrady, but what if it’s not enough to incentivize other free agents? To illustrate this point, if Tracy McGrady scores like he did the other night in his Knicks home debut and remains injury free, free agents should come running to New York. Plus, the Houston Rockets will be even better under Kevin Martin. Martin, Brooks and Ariza’s backcourt should be one of the most explosive in the league. Houston is starting to look very scary and it will be tough in the playoffs. Martin will provide the missing marker for Houston at the other guard position. Great pickup for the Houston Rockets and hopefully the Trail Blazers won’t have to see them during the playoffs.

To conclude, the NBA player move is about running for position to win the NBA title. The team to pursue are the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant. It is not a bad thing to raise the stakes with regards to player trading, but only time will tell if certain teams are successful. It probably wouldn’t have mattered whether the Lakers had moved a player or not. The Lakers are the Hunted and are resting Kobe for a replay and fifth title. The new look of certain teams will improve your chances, but it will likely be just another move to take on the cream and lose. After all, the playoffs will be exciting for the NBA and the fans.

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