Motion Activated Cameras: Go from Business to Backyards and Beyond

July 21, 2021 0 Comments

Motion activated cameras with alarm systems have long kept things safe at home and in businesses. But keeping homes and businesses burglar-free and safe from break-ins and theft is not what these cameras are used for these days.

Whether they are pets of wild coyotes, capturing images of that rare bird that keeps landing in the yard, scaring raccoons out of the garage, or making sure the pool is kept free of young children, motion-activated cameras are useful in a wide range of variety of situations.

Maintain a safe perimeter
For parents, child-proofing the home is a necessary step to prevent children from getting into dozens of dangerous or scary situations, whether it’s to mitigate the risk of poisoning by securing cabinets or securing furniture to the wall. to prevent them from falling on a small child.

Now, parents are also adding motion-activated cameras to the mix.

Rachelle Wall, 27, a Utah mother of a 2-year-old toddler, grew increasingly concerned for her son’s safety after she discovered him playing in the backyard pool after he somehow learned to open The back door.

“I panicked,” Wall said. “Even when I was at home with the babysitter or her dad, I was at work thinking ‘Is that okay?'”

For Wall, an alarm camera with a motion detector was the right solution to alleviate his fears and keep the pool deck free of children. The alarm ensured that the babysitter or parent at home acted quickly if their child approached the pool, triggering the camera and alarm.

The video footage also offered the added benefit of letting you discover how your son had managed to enter the yard undetected, allowing you to secure the locks and childproof your door more effectively.

Prevent attacks and preserve peace of mind
In Nahant, Mass., The problem was the puppy-stealing coyotes who had invaded the small town. Concerned pet owners who had heard of attacks on cats and dogs installed motion-activated cameras to scare off predators and also to confirm that it was indeed coyotes invading their yards.

The images provided evidence to state wildlife control authorities that the missing pets were not simply fugitives and gave them better information to address the problem.

Motion-activated video cameras have also found use among farmers who want to keep predators out of their barns, closed areas, and chicken coops. The images allow them to repair predator entry points to better secure their livestock.

In a more serene setting, bird watchers and other wildlife lovers have been known to use the cameras to capture those rare bird and animal visits from a friendlier nature.

Motion activated cameras are available both with and without an alarm. Some allow video recording, while others take individual photos in black and white or in color. They all offer the simplicity of an energy saving device that reacts to movement, making them great for safety reasons, as well as any other use you might find.

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