Lemon and lemon peel as a safe alternative to pesticides

March 28, 2023 0 Comments

Use lemons and lemon peels:

Effects of using chemical pesticides:

Medical research now shows that common household pesticides accelerate the aging of the immune and nervous systems, resulting in serious health problems years after exposure. However, most of the public still believe that the government has fully tested these chemicals. But sadly, this is not the case, as chemical companies perform their own tests and submit the results to the EPA for review, creating the potential for targeted reporting. It is of great concern that pesticides for agricultural and consumer use are not currently required to be tested for subtle neurological effects, especially for memory, depression, behavior, including childhood learning disorders, and studies of development of pregnancy and effects on the immune system, such as reduced white blood cell counts and increased rates of infection and autoimmunity.

Home Herbal Pest Control Measures:

Pests in the home can be incredible nuisances and difficult to eliminate when it comes to children, pets, or sensitivities. The best way to deal with such a case is to adopt herbal home pest control measures and products. Most of these, when used according to instructions and a little common sense, are designed and tested for use in homes and living spaces. One such effective agent is lemon or lemon peel. Lemon uses natural and generally non-toxic ingredients to repel or eliminate pests such as ants, wasps, mites, moths, flies, and other insects.

Effectiveness of lemon and lemon peel as a repellent:

Lemon has been found to be very effective against ants. A few drops of lemon juice squeezed directly onto the nest is an effective way to get rid of ants. The lemon fruit has a considerable percentage of citric acid, which has natural repellent properties. There are many pests and insects that simply do not like the natural scent of lemon. Furthermore, not only fresh lemon, but also the outer skin of the lemon, commonly known as lemon peel, can be dried and can also be used as a natural pest repellent, especially in areas like the kitchen, where they cannot be used. pesticides or any other form of chemical. get rid of pests.

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