Learn Ninjutsu: 7 Tips To Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of Training At Ninja Camps!

November 23, 2022 0 Comments

Are you serious about wanting to learn ninjutsu? Even if you are not a student of Japanese ninja training, you can still benefit from what I offer in this article.

This article outlines 7 tips for getting the most out of training at a Ninja Camp, seminar, and even your regular classes. Use them to make sure you’re doing everything you can to control, direct, and guide your progress toward mastery!

1) Be there 100%. What that means is staying focused and in tune. Avoid idle talk with other students and pay attention to what the teacher presents as if it could save your life. Because… I COULD!

Also, arrive to each session or class early. That way, you’ll be prepared and won’t miss out on anything that’s being taught.

2) Remember that, “A teacher is ALWAYS teaching.” Also, a lot of knowledge can be gained outside of regular training sessions.

Take advantage of every opportunity to learn, even if you’re not in a formal class or training session. Observe how your teacher walks and moves. Listen to how he talks and communicates.

3) Don’t overwhelm yourself or try to compete with others. Everyone, including the teachers you hold in high regard as “teachers”, all wore white belts at the same time. Remember that everyone has to start somewhere and…

… Mastery is gained step by step!

4) Pace yourself and make time for activities that counteract high-intensity, face-to-face pacing training in regularly scheduled class sessions. Use this time to do things like calm, reflective, and centered meditation, stretching, or even taking notes.

The point is to avoid the tendency to do too much and then burn yourself out. This is a good lesson for life, not just for Ninja Camps!

5) See your training as part of a “bigger picture.” What I mean here is to avoid mistaking a teacher’s possible alteration of a technique, one that is being done a certain way to convey a higher-level principle or concept, as a message that “he’s changing things up”. .

Make yourself a promise not to drastically “revolutionize” or completely redo your understanding of art with each new perspective that comes your way. Again…

…keep everything you see and experience in perspective and part of the overall goal and training process.

6) If you’re trying out the range, make sure you’ve rehearsed well what you plan to do with a trusted partner who knows the routine. Avoid the mistake of not being prepared, or only slightly, when you go before the judges or examiners.

And finally…

7) Remember that no one has anything to prove. If you’re training with professional teachers who are confident in their own abilities, and you don’t go in with a deluded sense of ability or a hidden agenda, all will be well.

Make your time at the event, both in official training sessions and outside, as valuable, productive and beneficial as possible. After all, he went through a lot in the way of paying for the event, organizing time away from work and family, and making sure he was fit and healthy for training. Please avoid “violating” any of these suggestions in a way that detracts from your potential to move to the next level of understanding, insight, and ability!

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