Is It Time To Hire A Professional Networker?

November 8, 2021 0 Comments

It used to be that people said there were 6 degrees of separation between everyone. A lot of people know that Kevin Bacon game that people play to prove it. They name a movie in which so and so I played with Kevin, who worked with your cousins, the gardener of your friends’ uncles and BOOM … there you have it! Someone you know who knows someone who knows Kevin Bacon! There’s also the Hollywood version that shows that everyone in Hollywood is connected to Kevin Bacon through whatever number of projects they’ve worked on. You understand!

I am discovering more and more that networking is one of the best business skills of all time. You can move mountains and create opportunities that didn’t exist at all until you met that special someone. And now, with the power of the internet, the world has shrunk so that everyone is a neighbor of one another. You can literally network on the computer with people to stay in touch with the PERSON you need to meet. It’s amazing!

We’re banging on the good guys club door and it feels BIG!

But how do you get in? How to start? Well one way I have found is to actually hire a professional Networker.

What are you asking and how is it different from a marketer or marketer? In my opinion, Public Relations is how to position yourself or a company in the media or before the public. These people can be great sources for you. They will write articles that highlight you or send press releases about you or make calls for you.

Marketing people will do similar work, but they will make more calls and repeat marks from you or the company.

The professional Networker? They position themselves anywhere and let people know how cool you are. When they meet someone who fits the perfect customer profile, they will introduce them as friend to friend. It is much less intimidating and much more informal. You have to select someone who is a natural networker. Choose a person who is friends with the rich, famous, and powerful. They don’t have to be the rich and powerful, just someone who’s not afraid to meet them!

I’m one of those self-made people I guess. I had no connection that prompted me to do anything that I have done, but I was blessed with a good education, supportive parents, and a mother who pushed me out the door when I graduated, but on top of that, I’ve been the one who has. created and maintained my contacts over the years.

Just on a trip, the people I have met can help me or my clients to a great extent! I met the president of the cell phone company I need to get a new contract and phone from. I met the president of the textile company who could invest in another business of my friend that is raising money for his business. I put the textile president in touch with my friend Josh, the Broadway producer, who asked if he would be interested in investing in a Broadway play.

Back at home, I get paid as a professional networker. I hook people for other people when they try to find people to sell or hire. I am also being hired for this position by a recruitment company.

The techniques I use are exactly the same as when I was a conference agent years ago. My job was to bring together two people or two companies. The goal is to find out who needs what and who they need or want to know. As I get to know companies and their needs, I can automatically draw from a mental list of people who would fit the position they are looking for. I am not a full time recruiter, but I have the same skills and have been paid when I made some decent connections.

I know a lot of people. I know people in almost every profession in every field. I know or have met people from all over the country and most people are always willing to meet someone new.

Skills can be taught, learned, and definitely can be used! It takes a lot of energy and follow-through, but it pays off in the long run. These are some of the valuable connections I have made; some have brought me search engine fees, others have not, but here they are:

o I’ve gotten up and it’s starring an agent. One became a regular gig on the Rosanne Barr show after I got her an agent. Others have made money for years from their public lectures.

o I have gotten a lot of people on radio and television because I introduced them to the presenters, the producers or the publicists.

o I have helped financial companies recruit sales staff

o I have helped financial professionals meet new clients.

o I have introduced men to women and women to men. (There is at least 1 marriage, but many great relationships have been established!)

o I have hosted two TV news anchors in the same city who are on competing stations and I have never been to their city!

o I’ve helped friends and clients get tickets to big events, met top-notch attorneys, met business partners, helped secure items for silent auctions, and helped moms find good babysitters.

Networking is the answer to your problem. If you need to meet more people, hire more people, hire more people, or sell to more people, you can become a networking expert or hire someone who is. Why cold call when they can come in through the back door? Working smart can save you time and money.

It’s time for you to start doing what the stars have known all along. It’s not who you know, but who you can GET TO KNOW that matters. Then everything depends on you!

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