How to reset your LG washing machine

March 30, 2021 0 Comments

Are you finding code errors on your LG washing machine? Does your LG washing machine beep right after pressing the start button? Looks like you need to restart your washing machine.

Resetting your washing machine may return the circuit functions to factory settings. Sometimes frequent use of the washing machine can cause information to accumulate in the circuit. Simply by restarting the machine, you get rid of the accumulated data.

But before restarting your washing machine, make sure that the error codes are actually caused by a fault in the circuit and not an external problem.

Do not overload the washing machine drum. LG washing machines are very sophisticated. Modern ones can detect when there is too much charge inside the drum. Also check the power source. Be sure to connect the machine directly to the power outlet. This machine needs a good supply of voltage. The use of extension cords can cut off the power flow.

Checking the water flow doesn’t hurt either. When dirt accumulates in the water filter, the water cannot pass through easily. Since these have timer settings that allow the machine to fill with water at a specific time, a high water pressure is needed.

Follow these steps to reset your LG washing machine:

Step 1: Unplug the washing machine. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to allow the undercurrents to shut off.

Step 2: Slowly remove the washing machine from the wall. If you have a rough floor, you may want to “advance” the washer by lifting one end after the other. Make sure not to disconnect the water hose connection at the back.

Step 3: Open the washer door and use your hands to manually rotate the basket. If you are using a top loader, you must hold the shaker firmly and turn it. You can’t really rotate it perfectly, but you have to do it manually as much as you can. Do this step three times to allow the machine to restart its functions. Be sure to rotate the front loading basket 360 degrees to allow the reset functions to occur.

Step 4: Put the washing machine back in place and plug it in. Check the water hose if it has been disconnected.

Step 5: Now try running a test cycle. The machine should work perfectly fine now.

Now that you know how to reset your LG washing machine, you should be able to correct the error code problems on your own.

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