How to get traffic to your business site

November 23, 2022 0 Comments

I can’t remember where I heard this saying, but it makes perfect sense in my head. “You can have the most amazing 5-star hotel in the world, but if it’s on the moon, no one will go there.” Internet is similar. Like a vast ocean filled with millions of websites all trying to grab the attention of potential visitors.

This makes it very difficult for a new business to get noticed in the online world. However, don’t be discouraged because this vast ocean is also filled with millions of potential buyers of your products and services. Once your site gets some traction, you’ll quickly see the opportunity it can bring to your business.

Here’s a list of some of the ways I get traffic to my business sites. It should be noted here that not all traffic is equal. You can find some amazing traffic sources that never convert to customers and also some high converting small traffic sources. I recommend focusing on the high-converting little ones.

start a blog

Blogs are a fantastic way to drive people to your website. Google loves new content and doing a blog post every day or at least every week will help keep your site fresh in the eyes of Google and help with your rankings. The more posts you make, the more potential search terms and traffic will be indexed by search engines.

Start a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is a MASSIVE traffic opportunity for your business. Start a fan page and create some posts. Remember that Facebook is not the same as Google in the sense that people don’t go to Facebook looking for things to buy. Facebook is much more of a social gathering place.

You’ll want to offer value by giving free tips, tricks, and information to your Facebook fans. Build a relationship and trust with your visitors and then connect them to your website.

Consider other social platforms

Consider setting up Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and other social media accounts. The more ways people can find you, the better. Twitter is a great tool for businesses because you can quickly send information to potential buyers. Tweet about an upcoming sale or a new product.

Publish on article sharing sites and similar sites are a great way to republish your blog and get more traffic. These sites have a ton of readers checking out the articles on a daily basis and are already getting tons of traffic that you can potentially direct to your site. Your content writing will improve over time and drive more visitors to your site.

The ways I have mentioned are completely free and will only cost you time. I know what you’re thinking… I’m a small business owner. I don’t have time to do all this social stuff. Well here’s my best hack of all…

There is a very interesting tool called Buffer will post your articles to your social media accounts at a time of your choosing! Better yet, there is a WordPress plugin that will do this automatically after you hit the publish button on your blog post.

Amazingly, your blog posts will appear on your sites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more, saving you tons of time!

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