How to deal with disappointment – Learn from it

September 22, 2022 0 Comments

Things just didn’t go as planned. I was disappointed and my confidence level plummeted. I could easily get mired in procrastination (reading countless emails as if they were gifts from the universe, changing endless stacks of papers stacked on my desk, or staring out my office window), but none of these things will propel me to move. from my self-imposed exile to inertia.

The stacks of papers stacked on my desk have been rearranged at least ten times and nothing has yet been filed or thrown away. I stop shuffling papers long enough to distract myself and investigate what’s in a drawer that’s rarely opened.

As I mindlessly flip from one distracting activity to another, Diana Krall, one of my favorite vocalists, is singing “Pick Yourself Up and Start All Over Again” on the radio:

I have found nothing impossible

Cause when my chin is on the ground

I get up, dust myself off, start all over again

Don’t lose confidence if you slip

Be thankful for a pleasant journey

and get up,

Dust yourself off and start all over again

Bingo! That is the exact message I need to hear!

That’s when I realize how I let a disappointing setback plunge me into this state of confusion, sapped my energy and stuck me instead of being productive and focused.

Has it ever happened to you?

You may be wondering how a trainer/therapist can get to such a place. Well I get there like everyone else by allowing it’s. I allowed it by thinking about what “could/should” have been and letting disappointment stain my world with a smokescreen of procrastination.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “No one can bring you down. No one can make you anxious. No one can hurt your feelings. No one can do anything to you other than what you want.” ALLOW inside.’

I let the negative talk kill my motivation and distract me from starting over. But the good news is that I know how to get out of inertia and get back on track.

Here’s what I’ve learned from dealing with disappointments, procrastinations, and setbacks:

Let go – If I’m procrastinating, my mind and body may tell me to just “be.” And if that means browsing Facebook and other sites for hours, maybe that’s the downtime I need to rejuvenate my body, mind, and spirit. Downtime is not a bad thing. And, when all is said and done, it’s good to “chill out” and take a break from your normal routine, as long as you’re not using the time to slow things down.

Acknowledge setbacks, but don’t dwell on them. – Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go as expected. Insisting on a disappointing setback only serves to erode your confidence and prevent you from achieving your goals. The key is to learn from the lesson that lurks in the setback and move on to things that give you a sense of accomplishment and success.

Reassess your expectations – Disappointment can mean that you have set yourself an unrealistic expectation. When you find yourself disappointed and procrastinating and stuck, use the time to reflect and refocus on your expectations. The result could be more clarity, relaxation, and direction.

How do you bounce back when faced with setbacks, procrastinations, and disappointments?

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