How to Cope With Heartbreak: Can Sleeping Around Help Heartbreak?

May 7, 2022 0 Comments

Agonizing over how to deal with the wrenching pain can cause you to collapse on the couch with tears in your eyes. Then your memory sparks an old saying, “the best way to get over your ex is to put yourself under someone else’s.” The essence is to sleep with or “cheat” on your ex to get over the breakup. That thought can trigger your sensitivity. Hmm… sage advice or just pointless dodge painting an illusion that makes the pain magically disappear?

It IS hard to know what the heck is good and what isn’t when it comes to love and relationships. It’s best to throw a little cold water on this notion. Take a more honest look before you venture down that road.


Think of your “after breakup” as a grieving process…because it IS. Your heart hurts. You sit in this dark hole, numb and begging “when does this heartache end?” The dilemma is how to deal with the anguish and bury this pain soon!

But… there are stages in grieving for lost love. Naturally, many of us prefer to skip some. Getting over your ex is hard! Hell hard. why not avoid the difficult parts. Like maybe escaping into someone else’s arms to let go of the pain of the past. Sleeping with someone can temporarily fill the void. Beware! It’s a short-acting prescription for breakup pain.


Surely longing is compelling enough to quickly erase your pain. Still, a knee-jerk reaction is not the way to deal with heartbreak in a healthy way. All your restless thoughts feed restless feelings… and distort your reasoning. Not thinking clearly, these erratic emotions push you to act impulsively.

Instead of getting over heartbreak hell, a sexual adventure ends in a detour that prolongs it! The complete opposite of what you want. It is your shield against facing the relationship ended. Seriously, think about it… how many people have you met who actually healed their pain by sleeping with someone else? And by the way, quell any thoughts about your ex being jealous over this.


Taking more constructive steps to address how to deal with heartbreak rips you out of the clutches of pain without sabotaging your sanity. Essential to coping with loss, romantic or otherwise, is regaining hope! Yes, it sounds corny. No, that won’t get me on talk shows. You need what works, not something catchy.

How is that job? Let the past be the past. You can’t change how you’ve been hurt in the past. Learn what you can from him and let him go. Hold on to the past, and it stays you accommodation of your future.

Here is the cold spot of the stone. Your healing will take a walk until you make peace with the past. Romance will be meet you again only when you free yourself from your past. Say him goodbye. Let it go! Then fix your gaze forward, not back. This is your ‘fork in the road’. Withdraw from that… and you’ll be stuck in an emotional free fall.

Once you’ve kissed the past goodbye, forgive yourself, the relationship is over! Relations are fragile and can fail. Learning to deal with heartbreak means releasing all those hurt feelings inside. Keeping everything bottled up is not healthy for healing or sanity. Let the sadness flow out of you. Then your heart will have room for romance… when you’re ready again.

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