How can I seduce a man without touching him? 8 Tips That Will Show You How It’s Done Right

October 31, 2022 0 Comments

Seducing a man without any physical contact is actually very easy to do. The concept is simple: men are very visual, so you can make the most of that to drive him crazy. In fact, seduction is sure if you play your cards right because the longer you go without touching him, the more he’ll go crazy wanting you.

Set the mood visually

It’s no secret: men think with their eyes. A visually appealing view is the most powerful way to immediately grab their attention before anything else is said or done.

You don’t have to wear an outfit that’s incredibly revealing; in fact, it’s better to show just a touch of skin. When choosing your clothes, think “subtle” and “suggestive.” A dress that shows just the right amount of leg (longer than a miniskirt but shorter than a knee-length pencil skirt) is a great choice.

It’s all in the sexy looks

How you look at a man is the next step in seducing him without physical action. Keep your eyes free, i.e. if you wear glasses, try swapping them for contact lenses. Also, keep those beautiful googly eyes by avoiding wearing too much eye makeup.

Look at him with the right amount of sexual energy in your eyes. Batting your lashes and a devilishly sexy smile are very powerful tools for creating the right look.

The Biggest Sex Kitten Rule

Be confident! Don’t avoid eye contact and walk like you have the world in the palm of your hand, strutting your stuff. This is the mark of a true sexual kitten.

After all, you have nothing to fear. He is just a man, and you are a woman capable of blowing his mind.

audio delight

Your tone of voice is almost as important as your appearance when trying to seduce a man without touching him. Pay attention to your normal voice and try to find any nervous audio habits; many women laugh too much when they are nervous, for example. Avoid this.

You want to sound calm and cool, and keep a sexy undertone in your voice. The keys are to stay calm and not speak too fast or too loud.

Make me want to touch you when I can’t

The biggest key to this is smooth skin that commands attention. Moisturize with a lotion that has a hint of shimmer. A sweater that hangs off the shoulders and highlights the silky and luminous skin there is perfect to wear, or a skirt when your legs are especially touched.

These kinds of locker room tactics really work if you’re in an environment where he knows it’s inappropriate to touch you. Men always want something more when they just can’t have it.

The power of suggestion

Make sure he is paying attention and aching with desire by using clever sentences.

Make sexy suggestions or innuendos that are purely playful and not X-Rated. Make sure she’s thinking about you in a sexual/romantic way by asking her a question about her love life or mentioning something at the perfect time that will make her mind reel.

Pretend you’re not looking

Take care of something when he’s around and do some sexy girly tricks absentmindedly as if you don’t realize he’s looking at you.

Play with your hair, bite your lower lip or lick it naturally, sensually rub your bare legs in a crop top, slowly cross and uncross your legs, touch your bare shoulders, etc.

get it alone

After you’ve teased him enough in one or two situations where he can’t touch you, it’s time to finally leave him alone.

She may be itching to touch you now, but it’s crucial not to give in too soon. The longer you make him look at you and burn with desire, the better.

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