Great phone book just one attraction of the HTC Sensation XE

January 26, 2023 0 Comments

The new HTC Sensation XE is a mobile phone packed with exciting new features, from Beats Audio technology to a high-quality web browser. Here we want to take a look at some of the most basic elements of this model, such as its large phone book and calling functions.

Perhaps the most vital component of any mobile phone should be its phone book, as it is essential for making calls, storing information, and sending a variety of different messages. The Sensation XE offers a very good quality phone book that can store a large amount of information thanks to its integration with social networks. HTC refers to its calendar as the People app, and this feature offers a variety of tabs that give the user access to a wealth of data. These tabs allow you to view all of your contacts and friend groups, as well as a call log that contains information about incoming and outgoing calls. The People app links to social media accounts, so data is imported from Facebook and Twitter. When you click on a friend’s name, the first screen you are presented with contains basic details such as a name, number, a photo, and an email address. With many brands, this would be the limit of the phonebook’s capabilities, but HTC allows you to access more tabs from here that store much more information. The second tab displays a feed of SMS text messages between you and your chosen person, while a third tab does the same for emails. The social media integration also does much more than transfer basic information and allows you to display photo albums and status updates within this very complete application. What HTC has done with its version of the phonebook is to transform it from a very basic tool into a function that will play a very important role in the daily use of the phone.

When taking a call on the HTC Sensation XE, the makers have come up with some great features that make the most of the model’s accelerometer chip. If the phone is on a desk or table when you receive a call, simply turn the device over to mute the call. If you’re already on the phone and place the headset on a surface, the model detects it and automatically activates the speakerphone. You also have the option to have the device reduce the ringer volume the moment you pick up the phone. This is perhaps the best use we’ve seen of the accelerometer sensor and really makes using this model a real joy. This accelerometer sensor is not the only one used and the proximity sensor now detects if the phone is inside a bag or pocket and will gradually increase the volume of the ringer to make it more audible.

The HTC Sensation XE not only offers a wealth of advanced features, but also performs more basic functions with astonishing simplicity. This phone should compete with the best smartphones available in the coming months.

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