Crystal Flush Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal Formula

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Crystal Flush Maximum Strength

The Crystal Flush Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal Formula is a dietary supplement that consists of 11 plant extracts that support the gut and the body’s natural defense against fungus. This supplement is backed by scientific research and recommended by physicians to prevent and treat fungal infections. It is also made in a cGMP certified facility, which means it is safe and effective.

This unique anti-fungal formula is one of the best-selling products for nail health in recent years. It contains the maximum strength of an antifungal ingredient: tolnaftate 1%. This ingredient is one of the most powerful in the market, offering a significant advantage over other FDA-approved antifungal creams. Tolnaftate works by fighting off bacterial and fungal infections and can help prevent the spread of the infection. Its odorless formula means that it won’t irritate the skin.

The patented two-step formula in Crystal Flush Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal Formula helps eradicate the fungus in two steps. First, it penetrates the toe and nail bed, then targets the source of the problem. Next, it kills the fungus and restores youthful looking nails. A fungal infection often manifests as crumbled and cracked toenails. Fortunately, the causes of the fungus are internal and can be treated.

How Crystal Flush treats toenail fungus

The Crystal Flush Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal Formula is made of a proprietary two-step system that fights the fungus. The product contains 1% tolnaftate, which fights both internal and external causes of cracked and yellow toenails. The crystal flush is completely safe to use and has no unpleasant odor. The product can be applied to the toe and foot as needed.

Crystal Flush Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal Formula

The Crystal Flush system is an effective multi-step combination system of two products: the Crystal Flush Anti-Fungal Serum is an OTC solution that works in a two-stage mushroom flush system. Its anti-fungal ingredients penetrate the toe nail bed and destroy the deep-rooted cause of the problem. The second product, the Crystal Flux Balance capsules, work by balancing the gut ecosystem and preventing fungal overgrowth.

This system is a two-step combination system that combines an OTC anti-fungal solution and a supplement. The first product is the Crystal Flush Anti-Fungal Serum, which uses the most potent anti-fungal agent available. The second, the Crystal Flush Balance supplement, helps balance the gut ecosystem and helps prevent fungal overgrowth. This system is based on the science of a unique mushroom flushing process that works in a single step.

The Crystal Flush system uses a blend of natural ingredients and a clinically proven active ingredient that works on both the surface and the inside of the toenail. It works on both the top and bottom of the toenail and has the highest concentration of tolnaftate 1%. Its effectiveness is proven in clinical trials. The product is available in two-step formulations, which target both the outer and inner toenails.

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