Cougar Dating Stats – Could You Be Next?

July 30, 2021 0 Comments

As I research the topic of older women dating younger men, I am a bit surprised to see some statistics flowing from “across the pond” in the UK, as well as here in the US. After collecting the following from the BBC and NBC Network News, I felt it was important to share them with you. It seems that the “madness” of the Cougar is more than just a mania. It appears that older women are also reaching beyond simply establishing control in their careers. They are branching out to blatantly embrace their passion for life and enjoy it with a man who can keep up with them and stimulate them on and off the toilet. For those naysayers who tell me that a younger man is “just for the sex” and will not seriously consider marriage to an older woman (I hear it more from older men who are threatened by these young dollars), these stats will be an eye-opener. can opener?

30% of all women fit into the Cougar category of women.
35% of women who are currently not dating prefer younger men.
34% of women over 40 date younger men.
17% of 50-year-old women prefer 40-year-old men.
25% of older British women are married to younger men.
(Sources: BBC documentary: “Sugar Mummies”. The Today Show, NBC, November 21, 2009)

Older men who are threatened by younger men rushing into their turf say that younger men only want older women for sexual reasons and financial security. If you look at the top reasons young women date older men, it can be argued that they want older men for financial security. Older men want younger women for sex. Older men say that marriages between young men and older women will not last. They may last as long as marriages between older men and younger women. The difference is that sex will be better for the older woman; Or as a cougar told me: “My ex-husband was 70 years old when we divorced. If I am going to have sex with a man, it will be with a man whose skin still looks good on him!”

I guess if it’s okay with older men that younger women want them for what they can provide, then why shouldn’t it be okay with them that younger men want older women for the same thing? I suppose these men resent knowing that older women have more to offer a younger man: maturity, confidence, sensuality, sexuality, financial stability, perspective, and an older woman’s libido more closely resembles that of a younger man. . This cannot necessarily be said about the older man; Unless, of course, you are taking Viagra.

Older women know more about what they want and do not play the games that younger women do. I have consulted with thousands of men and women and they regularly tell me that bonding with each other is much more satisfying on many levels (not just sex, but hey, it sweetens the equation) than relationships with men their age.

Older women say they find their eyes wandering when a handsome young man walks past and they are dating someone their age or older. They look at their dining partner and think, “Am I running to the pharmacy to buy Depends for him in 5 years?” They look at the deep wrinkles in your skin, notice the yellow / gray of your teeth and receding hairline, wonder if you can keep up with them on the hiking trail or dancing until dawn and then your mind wanders to the man 20 years younger than them who passionately kissed them at the door at midnight as they strolled along the boardwalk.

They tell me that they sometimes wonder why they resisted dating younger men for so long. They were discarded because of their age. It wasn’t until they really started getting to know some of these younger men that they realized that many of them have the maturity and wisdom of older men and gravitate towards older women with whom they feel they have something in common.

Choosing a younger man to date is no different than choosing a man your age or older to date. You still have the same criteria, just look for it in a younger pack. Even a 50-year-old man can be immature, dull, and boring. What a man is at 50, he was at 25, so don’t think that just because a man is younger he will be fit.

But once you challenge your own age discrimination bias and date some younger men, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much you really have in common. The right young man for you will be sensitive, funny, communicative, a good listener, a strong shoulder, and will offer you the devotion and passion that you may have longed for but couldn’t find in someone whose attitudes were shaped in the 60s and 70s.

Who knows? May another very happy Cougar statistic end!

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