Consider this: too much of anything makes one uncomfortable.

January 25, 2023 0 Comments

Reality is a short-lived thing as far as consciousness is concerned. So why waste time on useless things? Anyway, that’s where this starts: what we’re doing right now in this society is too much of nothing, and personally, it makes me really uncomfortable in most cases.

For example, I was looking at an article about Kim Kardashian on my phone or a political article in my local newspaper, or an article about sports, and I realized that this kind of thing is the ultimate thrill for many people in this civilization, but however, the adage becomes deceptively true: “So many dumb things seem so clever while you’re doing them.”

So what is the solution to calm down with all this? I mean, there’s no other solution than to let it go and just get smart, to quote that old TV series starring actor Don Adams. But what do I mean by being smart? I’ll spend the rest of this article explaining myself: get over the government and the establishment. This is the “come on, you’re smart enough to do better than them in many ways” part of the article. Don’t complain, you knew this was coming. If you want to live a real, independent and honest life, get past the government and the establishment by forging your own genuine path. Put on your boot straps and live a life that really counts, start by genuinely protesting the status quo. I don’t mean picketing with revolutionary bums and foolish dreamers. I mean setting and creating a rational example for yourself and others that really makes them say, “Yes, there is a better way of life than following you. In fact, I can genuinely lead myself.” In fact, winning against the government and the establishment are the only winds of change that really count for anything in life and existence. Be smart, take the first step towards a life that counts, start in the right direction, the real right direction, your direction. No direction that comes from another person, even outside of yourself, beats the government and the establishment.

After all, looking at the garbage barrel reality it has become, not settling, not genuinely cooperating is the best way to live, no matter what it is. Above all, it is useful. Make up a way of living, why do you think the real man Jesus was crucified anyway in favor of a “softened up” religious version of himself anyway? Or did genuine female independence feminism actually, on the other side of the coin, soften when it got too “radical”? I am everything for everyone, women and men being free and happy individuals, even if it costs a little. After all, even Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, and Malcolm X wanted to say that freedom costs genuine revolutions without exception. Get it, too much of nothing makes everyone aware uncomfortable. Enough of everything, especially freedom and honesty is the only cure for everything.

I once read in one of L. Ron Hubbard’s works that lying is the lowest order of creativity. I agree with that, but I’ll take it even further: lying and dishonesty are the lowest level of creativity, but mysticism is always the worst. So I propose the greatest revolution of all within ourselves. Doing what we really want to do without lies and mysticism within ourselves or fear of reprisals from “authorities” who are wrong and full of nothing anyway, what can you win: Everything, including happiness. . Get away from what’s hurting you, including “love,” “hate,” and everything in between. When love is real let it in, when the best is real let it in. But, turn it all off. It does not mean anything.

Here is the final haunt, you must decide what anything and everything means to you. I’m not deciding for you, I’m deciding for myself. That’s all.

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