Cocaine Effects & Cocaine Side Effects

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Cocaine Effects

The cocaine high, also referred to as cocaine abuse, is one of the more pronounced cocaine effects among regular cocaine users. This is particularly true for those who are new to cocaine usage, are occasional cocaine abusers, occasional user of cocaine, or those in the early phases of cocaine addiction. It can also be a drug addiction, where a person constantly abuses cocaine with no break down from the drug. As much as this drug can be an addictive stimulant, it is also highly toxic to the body. There are several signs that one may experience with cocaine abuse such as:

These are just some of the common cocaine effects which are commonly seen by those who are abusing the substance. Of course, there are other less common side effects from cocaine use. It can cause paranoia, severe mood swings, agitation, insomnia, depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, nausea, and others. These are some of the main reasons why cocaine is illegal. The drug has so many harmful effects that have been associated with its use.

However, cocaine abuse does not mean that one is automatically doomed to the drug’s devastating long-term effects. This substance can actually help a person undergo some of these long-term effects if he or she will take heed of what it is trying to say. With the help of the right counseling, it is possible for a person to reduce his or her risk of being a victim of cocaine abuse. A person may not realize how serious his or her addiction is until they receive counseling and therapy.

Cocaine Side Effects

But should you decide to use cocaine for short-term use? Even though it is highly dangerous in its pure form, there are still some lesser-known side effects from cocaine use which are still worth mentioning. These lesser-known side effects include irritability, moodiness, paranoia, dizziness, insomnia, depression, decreased appetite, nausea, anxiety, and paranoia. These are only some of the physical problems cocaine addicts may suffer from.

Other psychological problems that cocaine addicts may experience include depression, withdrawal, irritability, anxiety, and other mental disorders. There have also been cases wherein people who have been addicted to cocaine have experienced hallucinations and delusions. The sudden and drastic change in moods experienced by cocaine users can be alarming. The sudden change in moods may be due to the increased blood pressure, heart rate, and adrenaline released into the body when a person is experiencing a cocaine high.

If you have been thinking about trying cocaine, it is best to consult a professional before doing so. It is always best to seek medical help when one is concerned about their health. With proper care, a person can avoid the negative side effects of cocaine use. And with proper care, he or she can hopefully lead a normal life with cocaine use behind them. In the meantime, someone who wants to try cocaine can always search the Internet to find local clubs, coke houses, or drug markets in their neighborhood.

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