Bowflex M3 Max Trainer Review – Bowflex Max M3 Pros and Cons

September 22, 2022 0 Comments

Thinking of the Bowflex M3 Max trainer? The M3 is the most affordable model in the Max Trainer series – it costs less than $1000.

The other model is the M5, which is the premium version of this hybrid elliptical trainer with stair climber. The M5 costs around $500 more than the M3. This leads many people to wonder what the difference is between them, and if the M3 is really a good buy.

With that in mind, here is a Bowflex Max M3 pros and cons review to help you decide:

#1 on the market, most affordable high calorie burning fitness equipment

The M3 costs less than $1,000, making it one of the most affordable Bowflex machines on the market (Treadclimbers start at $2,300 and up). This in itself is a great advantage.

With this machine, you can burn up to 2.5 times more calories than a treadmill, elliptical, or stair climber. That means you lose weight faster.

According to the manufacturer, Max is also designed so that you can get this calorie-burning effect even if you only train 14 minutes a day. So it’s great if you’re too busy to spend hours working hard on a treadmill.

#2 Work your upper body and activate more muscles

According to the manufacturer, in the lab, Max engaged more core and upper body muscles than even the elliptical trainer.

That not only accounts for the increased calorie-burning effects, but it also helps you tone your upper body, unlike a treadmill or stair climber.

#3 Low impact means less joint pain

The Max Trainer was built to be very low impact, combining the action of stair climbing with the upper body arms of an elliptical.

So if you’re struggling with joint pain, shin splints, or even back problems, this could be the right machine to help you avoid that, while continuing with your workouts.

#4 The M3 Max Trainer Workout Keeps You Burning Calories For hours after your training

Bowflex built the M3 and M5 models to include the specialized 14-minute high-intensity workout. This workout is designed to challenge your body with short bursts of activity followed by longer periods of rest.

This type of exercise has been shown to speed up your metabolism for up to 24 hours after your workout. So you will burn more calories even at rest after your workouts on the M3.

#5 Save space in your home

The M3 Max trainer has a smaller footprint than most treadmills or even elliptical trainers. Measures 2.5 x 3.5 feet.

So if you don’t want to, or have room for, a lot of bulky gear, the Max M3 is a great option.

Those are the pros, and the cons?

Well, the M3 is a “simpler” version of the M5 Max trainer. So you don’t get some of the fancy extras:

#1 No backlit console

The M3 doesn’t come with the backlit console that you get with the M5. This may or may not matter to you.

But if lighting is limited in your training area, you can opt for the M5 model to view your training stats (or just buy a small flashlight).

#2 Fewer resistance levels

The M3 has fewer resistance levels than the M5: 8 vs. 16. So if you’re in peak physical condition, you might want the extra challenge of the M5 trainer instead of the M3.

But for new exercisers, they will probably be fine with 8 resistance levels.

#3 Fewer built-in workouts

The M3 has a manual and Bowflex’s special 14-minute interval program, but that’s about it.

The M5 has several other built-in workouts like Calorie Goal, Fat Burn, Stairs, Steady State, and Fitness Test. Again, this may or may not matter to you depending on your training style.

#4 No manual heart rate sensors

The Bowfex M3 Max trainer comes with a wireless heart rate monitoring system, but there’s no handheld sensor option. The M5 has both the wireless sensor and the hand sensor.

So what is the end result?

The Bowflex Max M3 is a simpler version of the M5 premium Max Trainer. Both offer the same calorie burning, upper body toning, high intensity training and compact design benefits.

So all the basics are covered for you to get a calorie burning workout.

The main differences are in the premium “extras” that many people like, such as the extra resistance levels, backlit console, and training programs. So it really depends on you and what you prefer.

But if you’re looking to see faster results in less time during your workouts, the M3 might be the best machine for you!

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