Accommodation on Koh Chang

April 30, 2023 0 Comments

If the beautiful Thai island of Koh Chang is your next holiday destination, there is no doubt that you will probably have one of the best times of your life and if you are sent to Koh Chang on a business trip, you can make sure that it is something you wait, for a number of reasons.

However, where to stay if you really are heading to this island paradise?

Koh Chang offers a number of different types of accommodation for the traveler to choose from, with three main categories applicable in that regard, in the form of hotels, specialty resorts and the ubiquitous bed and breakfast (B&B).


Koh Chang hotels, although they come in different classes (3-4 star hotels in general), it can be said that they are mainly aimed at the business traveler, since they are at the higher end of the price range and usually only offer a place to stay; and additional charges for food and other services, such as room service.

If you stay in a hotel, on the island, you usually have to find your own way and find things to do and places to go, all by yourself.

Koh Chang hotels are generally for those who are not up for the whole holiday experience and are staying to do some sort of work or possibly attend a conference, but with Alina Grande Hotel being the ultimate epitome of what a hotel is like. On Koh Chang, getting those extra things beyond business is no chore at all, as this hotel doubles as a sort of on-demand resort, leaving the choice entirely in your hands.

specialized resorts

Koh Chang resorts probably offer the best form of accommodation as they are specially built with the curious and inquisitive tourist in mind.

Specialty resorts come in several different ranges with the main form being the holiday resort and spa such as the Gajapuri Resort and Spa or the Koh Chang Spa Resort where you can experience the luxury of staying in a great environment and complement that. with the great local offer of beauty and well-being.

Garden resorts and nature camps are also great to stay in, as those deals usually come with extensive information portals on just about every activity you can get lost in on the island, like elephant trekking, kayaking, and adventure trekking.

However, most resorts are self-contained, but you probably won’t want to self-cater, so there are a variety of different types of restaurants to dine in, and the recommendation to experience the sunset dinners on offer will probably not go under question. by anyone who has had that experience.


The typical local Bed and Breakfast is also a great way to settle in on the island, as these establishments are often run by very involved private owners, many of whom are not even native to the island, but also have extensive knowledge of the island. what exactly you should do to maximize the pleasure of your stay.

The likes of Elephant and Castle Bed and Breakfast or Amber Sands Beach Resort come to mind as two local options representing the lower and upper ends of the pricing structure, respectively, with all other local Koh Chang B&Bs falling short. They lie somewhere in between these two.

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