8 Things You Should Do To Reduce The Danger Of A Garage Fire

November 19, 2021 0 Comments

Every house fire is dangerous, destructive, and can be life-threatening. Garage fires can be the worst. They may not be discovered as quickly as a house fire; Materials in the garage can increase the intensity of the fire or even cause an explosion.

Here are 8 things to do to make your garage more fire resistant.

  1. Do you store flammable liquids in the garage? Make an inventary. That gasoline can with the lawnmower gasoline oil mixture, the paint can, car oil, they’re all very flammable. They are all best in a separate shed, but if that’s not possible, keep them only in very small amounts. Make sure they are clearly labeled and stored away from any appliance, heater, pilot light, or any other source of flame or heat.
  2. What about that propane tank? It doesn’t belong in the garage at all. If you bring the barbecue into the garage after use, separate the propane tank and do not bring it inside. Do you have an extra tank? It doesn’t belong in the garage. First, propane tanks will work quite well in the backyard. They are tough enough to withstand the weather. Left in the garage they are a real danger. Propane is extremely combustible and if a propane tank is involved in a garage fire it can explode causing damage, injury and possibly death.
  3. A small spill? First, find out what it is and if it is flammable. Do not go. Well the source; Stop leak and clean up spill. Keep the floor clutter-free – Loose paper, oily rags, and other potential fire starters are not found on the garage floor.
  4. Check electrical connections. Have you placed an extension cord on your workbench? Don’t overload outlets, and be sure to clean cobwebs, dirt, and debris from cables and light fixtures so they don’t interfere with the electrical system.
  5. Pay attention to the front door to the house. This is the only place you want to make sure you have a fire door – they are rated to withstand heat and flames for up to 20 minutes. If your door has a window, see if it is fire resistant. Attach a self-closing device to the door. It’s not useful when you’re carrying groceries or taking out Christmas decorations, but it sure beats an open door if a fire starts.
  6. There is no door for pets. Your front door should not have a pet door. Cat and dog can go through and that’s convenient, but remember that a fire can go through that opening as well.
  7. Take out the tape. Tape all cables and wires together so they won’t be kinked or pulled. You want safe electrical connections in your garage.
  8. Keep clean. A disaster not only adds fuel to the fire; makes it difficult for you to detect potential problems. One of the easiest and best deterrents to a garage fire is keeping it clean.

You want your garage to do its job and keep you, your family, your home, and your car safe. Make it as fire resistant as possible and don’t forget to have your garage door inspected annually to make sure all live parts are in good shape and everything is working properly, and safely!

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